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PrepDSpace4Mobility launched

The PrepDSpace4Mobility project aims to lay the foundation for a common European mobility data space.

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Unlocking the potential of mobility data is essential for the digital and green transformation of the sector. The common European mobility data space will bring together the technical infrastructure and governance to make it easier to access and share data in a controlled and secure way, for both passenger and freight.

The launch of the PrepDSpace4Mobility project, in October 2022, is an important step to enable a better use of transport and mobility data, in line with the European Data Strategy and the Sustainable and Smart Mobility Strategy.

The project will lay the foundations for the common European mobility data space. It will map existing mobility data-related ecosystems and initiatives. And, it will propose possible common building blocks and a common framework.

The European Commission has dedicated €1 million to the 12-month coordination and support action, funded under the Digital Europe Programme. The consortium includes 17 partners from 7 Member States (Belgium, Germany, Finland, France, Hungary, Netherlands, and Spain). It is coordinated and led by acatech.

Numerous initiatives, at the EU, national, and local level, or driven by private actors, support the access to and sharing of mobility data. The common European mobility data space will not replace them with a single European database or platform. Rather, it will support the interoperability between these ecosystems by driving the progressive convergence around a common framework. It will make it easier to identify, access and exchange data across different initiatives.

Strong synergies with other European data spaces will exist, for example the ones for smart communities or energy. To profit from these opportunities, the project will closely collaborate with the Data Space Support Centre and align with the cross-sectoral framework for data spaces.

Citizens, businesses, and public authorities will profit concretely from the deployment of the common European mobility data space. It could for example support better monitoring and planning of transport systems by authorities, more efficient freight, easier multimodal travels for passengers or optimised energy production and demand thanks to data from electric vehicles.

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