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Safety Net for European Journalists - media freedom in Italy, South East Europe and Turkey

In the framework of a call for proposals on media freedom and pluralism, the European Commission selected four projects in 2013. Their activities started in early 2014 for a duration of one year.
Safety Net for European Journalists is devoted to media freedom in Italy, South East Europe and Turkey.

progetto media freedom

Across Europe, media professionals are too often threatened, censured, jailed, intimidated and this profoundly affects the citizens' right to information.

A European transnational network coordinated by Osservatorio Balcani e Caucaso (OBC) has dedicated a year to studying the state of press freedom in Italy, South East Europe and Turkey and raised public awareness on a problem that is shared from east to west.

The activities carried out during the project’s 12 months of implementation include:

  • monitoring, documenting and reporting of media freedom violations in Italy, SEE and Turkey through weekly reports and alerts (total 128);
  • designing, setting up, customizing and managing - in close cooperation with Index on Censorship - a crowd-sourcing platform for mapping and geo-localising media freedom violations (over 550 cases uploaded online during the implementation period);
  • publishing a study on journalists’ needs based on 110 structured interviews in the 11 countries of project’s coverage;
  • authoring, publishing and distributing a practical manual for journalists advising them on how to respond to menaces printed in 9 languages (6,000 hard copies altogether); drafting and publishing 2 yearly reports on media freedom violations in Italy and SEE respectively;
  • producing and publishing journalistic materials contributing to a Europe-wide information and awareness raising effort carried out by a network of 10 media outlets (total over 300 news items of different formats in 8 languages);
  • producing and circulating 2 videoclips on the topic of media freedom; designing and organising 2 international events;
  • communicating and disseminating results and outputs via web, press office and social media work.

PARTNERS: IPI/South-East Europe Media Organisation (SEEMO), Ossigeno per l'Informazione (O2),  Dr. Eugenia Siapera

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This video clip was produced by the project partners to promote their activities.