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Survey – Teaching cybersecurity in high-schools

Teachers can play a major role in raising the awareness among their pupils about Cybersecurity and in spreading and disseminating a risk-prevention culture. While they are more and more sensitive to Cybersecurity issues and have started to acquire fundamental notions in this area, there is a need for a structured approach to teach cybersecurity related topics to young Europeans.

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CONCORDIA project aims to work out and suggest high-school teachers teaching methodologies and associated materials to utilize when discussing cybersecurity with their pupils. In view of understanding the real needs they have developed a survey via which the Consortium plans to collect input from the following audience:

  • European high-school Teachers,
  • European high school Students
  • European Parents of high school students European
  • European school Management

The objective of this Survey is three-fold:

  • Relevance: To select the most needed topics to be covered in the materials.
  • Effectiveness: To define the most appropriate format for the materials to be developed.
  • Novelty: To identify areas not (enough) covered by existing programs.

You can get involved and suggest teachers teaching methodologies and materials to address cybersecurity in high-school by filling in the Survey