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Testers needed for SONAAR project

The EU pilot project SONAAR is looking for social media users willing to help testing this new accessibility feature for Android and Chrome

Logo SONAAR - A human figure in a circle, surrounded by sound waves + Phrase "SONAAR - Social Networks Accessible Authoring"


The major social media services have introduced features to help users create accessible content. However, while the accessibility of social media's interfaces is acceptable, most user-generated content is still inaccessible. On the other hand, the amount of user-generated Web content, particularly pictures and videos, is growing exponentially. 

The University of Lisbon is coordinating SONAAR, an EU pilot project that helps create accessible content on social media. When SONAAR detects an image being tweeted or posted, it opens a notification proposing a text description of the image that can help the message reach a wider audience. 

SONAAR is looking for Twitter and Facebook userto participate in a user research study: screen readers and non-screen reader users willing to test the SONAAR Chromeextension and/or Android app and give feedback to the developers.  

If you are interested in helping with the project, please fill out this form.   

To learn more about SONAAR, you can also listen to the interview with the project coordinator in this podcast




SONAAR is an EU pilot project that helps create accessible content on social media.