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#UniteForParkinsons and its early detection

April was Parkinson’s Awareness Month. On this occasion, the EU-funded i-PROGNOSIS project released a mobile app in Germany, Greece and the UK. By using the app you can help creating an algorithm for early detection of Parkinson's Disease.

The data collected by the app will contribute to a large-scale study that permits to develop algorithms able to detect Parkinson's related behavioural changes. Eventually, the i-Prognosis project will develop a tool for your mobile phone that screens for Parkinson's in daily life and leads to an early diagnosis with the help of your doctor.

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Download the app in google play (only in Germany, Greece and the UK)

i-PROGNOSIS website


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Mobile app captures early signs of Parkinson’s disease

In the press | 26 October 2017

i-PROGNOSIS is an EU-funded multiscope research project aiming to provide technology-based solutions against Parkinson’s. Their latest mobile app was presented at the 'eHealth Tallinn 2017' conference and offers opportunities for health professionals to detect subtle changes that neurologists cannot perceive in consultations.