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Wholesale model for building last mile broadband infrastructure tested in Poland

The umbrella project is focused on territorial cohesion in 11 provinces situated in rural and remote areas. In these provinces, 80% of the towns have less than 5,000 residents. An innovative model of building infrastructure at the last mile, based on the wholesale model, was used.

Overground broadband rollout

Digital Poland Project Centre (CPPC)

These undertakings allow end-users to access high-quality broadband fibre optic infrastructure, on which all telecommunications operators can provide their services on an equal basis. The project was pre-selected for the finals by the jury of the European Broadband Awards 2022.

Launched under 3 calls for proposals, 49 rollout sub-projects are being carried out. 75% of projects are already at an advanced stage of implementation, and 25% are in the initial stage of implementation.
The project has received over EUR 450 mln (PLN 2,06 billion, 59% of its total value) of co-financing through the Operational Programme Digital Poland for 2014-2020 (OPDP). The remaining 41% of the funding were provided by private sector.

Unique characteristics

The wholesale model has been adapted to the household access at the last mile, simultaneously offering a wide range of telecommunication operators with full open access. Thanks to this approach, there was no need to duplicate infrastructures.

Results and Impact

More than 900,000 households will have access to an NGA (more than 30 Mbps) network. The average total cost per household is less than EUR 800. The average number of operators providing services in remote areas on deployed infrastructure is 33, with the smallest number is 7. Thanks to the wholesale model at the last mile, these rural remote areas now have constant access to the broadband network maintained by one operator, ensuring competitiveness in terms of service quality and prices by allowing different operators to provide their services on the network.

Any retailer can now immediately extend their business scope while avoiding difficult, timely and expensive investment process. And thanks to Operational Programme Digital Poland network, multiple retailers can reach hundreds of thousands of subscribers either to upgrade the services they provide today or to extend their client base. Moreover, there are unprecedented benefits to residents of villages and towns where the wholesale network emerges. Residents of each household covered with OPDP network can choose between 6 to 11 retail offers. This allows people to choose the best deal possible in terms of content and price, customer service level and binding period.

For more information visit the project website.