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Big Data Test Infrastructure: Getting started

The Big Data Test Infrastructure offers a safe environment to experiment with Big Data technologies and to prototype Big Data solutions before deploying them in your own production environment.

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1. Get familiar with our services

Big Data Test Infrastructure (BDTI) offers a range of services that Public Organisations can use to start experimenting with their data.

The BDTI test infrastructure service offers a safe environment to experiment with Big Data technologies and to prototype Big Data solutions before deploying them in your own production environment. Technical documentation and support services are provided to help you set up a pilot project for creating, testing and implementing your own innovative services based on big data. The Infrastructure and the additional services are provided free of charge with the objective of fostering the Big Data Analytic adoption around the EU and to promote data-driven decision-making.

2. Define your data analytics use case

If you represent a European Public Organisations (on European, national or municipal level), you can request a free-of-charge pilot project on the BDTI test infrastructure.

To do so, we would like to know what kind of data you wish to analyse and which results you envisage to get out of your analytic experiments. Are you looking to experiment with certain open source Big Data tools and techniques and/or to validate their applicability to your organisation’s data without having to worry about the technical set-up and the associated costs of the test platform?
Whatever your data analytics needs are, our support team ( is available to guide you through the process of defining your organisation’s use case, as well as to clarify any preliminary question you would like to address before submitting a formal pilot request.

3. Submit your “BDTI PILOT request”

After you have defined a data analytics use case for your organisation, you can request to run a pilot project on the BDTI platform contacting the BDTI team through the functional mailbox:

To facilitate the onboarding process, you can provide the following information:

  • "Summary": a short explanation of what the pilot would be about (e.g. “BDTI Pilot request for [title of the Pilot]”)
  • "Description": a brief description to present the use case that is intended to be executed and the Public Organisation you represent
  • "Any attachment" (optional): any supporting documentation 

4. Elaborate your business and technical needs

After the submission of your request, the BDTI team will contact you to further elaborate your business and technical requirements.
Our functional team will work with you on the elaboration of your business case to ensure that it fits within the requirements, while our technical team will design your BDTI test environment which is tailored for your specific technical needs.

5. Pilot project approval

After your use case has been elaborated and a test environment designed, the BDTI Service Owner will give a final validation to run the pilot project based on the following criteria:

  • The requester of the pilot must represent a public administration at European, national, regional or municipal level
  • Your use case must envisage to gain insights from your data analytics pilot project within a 6 months’ timeframe for which the test environment is offered free-of-charge
  • The cost estimation of the pilot project is within the funding boundaries of the BDTI budget 
  • The geographical distribution of the pilot projects will also be taken into account to ensure a fair distribution among the European Member States

6. Test environment set-up

Now that your pilot project request has been approved, the BDTI technical team will set-up your tailored cloud-based data analytics environment so that you can start with your big data experiments.

More detailed information about the process can be found in the Test Infrastructure Service Offering Description

7. Gain insights from your data

Everything is set up and you can experiment with your data on the test infrastructure provided by BDTI.


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