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Shaping Europe’s digital future

The declaration of cooperation on digital agriculture

On Digital Day in April 2019, 24 EU Member States and the UK signed the declaration on "A smart and sustainable digital future for European agriculture and rural areas", containing commitments for action in 3 areas:

    The signing of the declaration on “A smart and sustainable digital future for European agriculture and rural areas” on Digital Day 2019.

The Declaration

Research and innovation covering Al and the socio-economic, agronomic, and environmental aspects of digitising agriculture

Adoption and deployment,supporting the CAP'S transition towards a result- based policy and to build a strong smart agri-food sector

Pooling and sharing of agricultural data between farmers and throughout the food chain

2 years later...

Examples of actions taken at European level

Research and Innovation

  • HE Cluster 6: R&l as enabler in agriculture, forestry, rural development
  • HE partnership on “agriculture and data”
  • Service delivery, quality of life, business opportunities, innovation capacities in rural areas
  • Al-powered precision farming solutions
  • Priority to solutions for family farm models

Innovation Infrastructure

  • H2020: loT (European large-scale pilots)
  • DIGITAL: Al Testing and Experimentation Facilities, Digital Innovation Hubs
  • Up-skilling of farmers and rural populations
  • EIP-AGRI (area of digital innovation), Smart Villages

Pooling and sharing agricultural data

  • DIGITAL: Common European Agricultural Data Space
  • Identify and open up high- value datasets for common databases
  • Full use of space programmes and the European Earth Observation Programme

Member states are quite active as well

The Member States are also taking actions to achieve a sustainable digital transformation in agriculture. Many of initiatives that have been taken are not necessarily directly related to the declaration of cooperation, but are heading in the same direction. The digital transformation of the agricultural sector will play a key role in achieving the objectives set out in the European Green Deal. The examples in the graphic identify some of these initiatives, but there are actually many more.

In December 2020, a conference on the "Digital Transformation of the Agricultural Value Chain" was organised under the German Council Presidency, demonstrating the commitment of the Member States to this subject.

Examples of initiatives established by EU Member States.


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