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eIDAS Observatory

The eIDAS Observatory is a group of stakeholders who discuss issues relating to the eIDAS regulation and facilitate cross-border trust services and eID.

    eIDAS Observatory: How can we make cross-border trust services and eID a reality? How can we all benefit from digitisation?

In order to exploit the full potential of the tools offered by the eIDAS Regulation and to benefit from digitisation across all sectors and beyond national borders, all interested parties should be involved: citizens, businesses and public administrations.

In this context, the Commission launched the eIDAS Observatory. The eIDAS observatory is an online collaborative platform for exchanging views and positions and sharing ideas and good practices. 

The Observatory is a virtual community of stakeholders whose aim is to build a common understanding of the issues relating to the implementation and uptake of the eIDAS Regulation and to facilitate the use of cross-border electronic identification and trust services. 

The Commission welcomes the involvement of a wide range of public and private sector participants who will use their experience, technical skills and knowledge to provide evidence-based and data-driven policy support for the EU. It encourages representation of various economic sectors, especially those where sector-specific legal and policy instruments foresee the need for electronic identification and/or trust services.

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