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Implementation of Geo-blocking Regulation in Slovakia

This page gives state of play of the implementation of the Geo-blocking in Slovakia, and the local points of contact.

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Enforcement Body 

Slovenská obchodná inšpekcia (Slovak Trade Inspection)

Postal Address: Slovenská obchodná inšpekcia

P.O. Box 29

Bajkalská 21/A

827 99 Bratislava 27


Phone: +421 2 58 27 21 60


Assistance to Consumer Bodies

Európske spotrebiteľské centrum v SR (European Consumer Centre in the Slovak Republic)

Postal Address: Európske spotrebiteľské centrum v SR

Ministerstvo hospodárstva SR

Mlynské nivy 44/a 

827 15 Bratislava 212


Phone: +421 905 528 477


Measures applicable to infringements

  • Act on surveillance and assistance in cases of unjustified geographic discrimination of customers in the internal market and on the amendment of Act No. 128/2002 Coll. on state control of the internal market in consumer protection matters and on amending and supplementing certain acts

    •    § 2 (enforcement body)

    •    § 3 (penalties in case of infringement of the Regulation)

  • State Control of the Internal Market in Consumer Protection Matters Act
    • Competences and procedures of the enforcement body in B2C cases: § 6 and § 9 (penalties in cases of infringements)
  • Consumer Protection Act
    • Protection and infringements in B2C cases only: § 20a, § 21 and § 24 (sanctions and penalties in cases of infringements
  • Services in the Internal Market Act
    • § 10 (ban of geo-discrimination in B2C and B2B cases),
    • § 17 (enforcement body also for § 10)
    • § 18 (fines in case of infringement of § 10) 

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The Commission put an end to unjustified geo-blocking rules, which undermine online shopping and cross-border sales in the EU.

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