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Stakeholders Group — The Smart Networks and Services Joint Undertaking

The stakeholders group brings together public and private stakeholders in the field of smart networks and services.

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The stakeholders group is one of the four bodies constituting the governance structure of the Smart Networks and Services Joint Undertaking, together with a) the Governing Board, b) the Executive Director and c) the States’ Representatives Group.

The stakeholders group is open to relevant public and private stakeholders, including organised groups, active in the field of the SNS Joint Undertaking, international interest groups from Member States, associated countries or other countries.

The following organisations have been invited to join the SNS stakeholders group: NetWorld Europe, AIOTI, NESSI, PSCE, 5GAA, 5GACIA, ETSI, ECSO, AENEAS, Photonics 21.

The stakeholders group is regularly informed on the activities of the SNS Joint Undertaking and, if relevant, will be invited to provide comments on the joint undertaking’s planned initiatives. It can also be consulted on specific questions.

If you are interested to join the stakeholders group, please submit your application to

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