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Telecommunications national regulatory authorities

A list of national regulatory authorities for telecommunications in Member States and other countries.

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Member States

Candidate countries

EEA countries

Non-EU countries


Contract summary for consumers of electronic communication services in the EU

The European Commission has today adopted an implementing regulation establishing a template for the contract summary that electronic communications services operators should provide to consumers in the EU. The providers of these services, such as telephony, messaging or internet, will need to give to the consumers a summary of the contract before the conclusion of a contract. The summary will include the main conditions of the contract, such as information on price, services and internet speed. The summary will be required as of 21 December 2020.

Commission launches public consultation on the review of the Significant Market Power Guidelines

The European Commission has just launched a public consultation to prepare the review of the Significant Market Power (SMP) Guidelines, dating from 2002. The goal is to update the guidelines in time for the implementation of the new European Electronic Communications Code. The update of the guidelines shall take into account changes in the telecoms markets and recent developments in regulatory and competition law.

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Body of European Regulators for Electronic Communications

The Body of European Regulators for Electronic Communications (BEREC) improves consistency of EU telecoms rules.

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