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Telecommunications national regulatory authorities

A list of national regulatory authorities for telecommunications in Member States and other countries.

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EU Electronic Communications Code: Commission calls on Member States to fully transpose new telecom rules into national law

The Commission has sent this week a reasoned opinion to Estonia, Spain, Croatia, Ireland, Italy, Cyprus, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands, Austria, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia, Slovakia and Sweden for not having notified the Commission about the full transposition of the European Electronic Communications Code.

The Commission urges Poland to comply with EU rules on electronic communications networks and services

The Commission sent today a reasoned opinion to Poland for breaching EU law safeguarding the independence of the national regulatory authority (NRA), a key principle of the EU's telecom law. More specifically, the legal provisions amending the Polish Telecommunications Law that resulted in the early termination of the mandate of the Head of the Polish NRA – the Office for electronic communications, raise concern.

Commission opens infringement procedures against 24 Member States for not transposing new EU telecom rules

The Commission has opened infringement procedures against 24 Member States for failing to enact new EU telecom rules. The European Electronic Communications Code modernises the European regulatory framework for electronic communications, to enhance consumers' choices and rights, for example by ensuring clearer contracts, quality of services, and competitive markets. The Code also ensures higher standards of communication services, including more efficient and accessible emergency communications.

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