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Apply for the 2021 Procura+ Innovation procurement of the year award

Are you a public procurer in Europe who completed an innovation procurement that led to significant improvements of public goods, services, processes or infrastructure? Apply for the award by 30 April 2021. There is also a specific award category for outstanding innovation procurement in ICT. The award is part of the activities of the EU-funded Horizon 2020 project Procure2Innovate that is setting up a European network of national competence centres around Europe.

Apply for free of charge assistance for your next Innovation Procurement

Are you a public buyer that could use some help in preparing and implementing your next innovation procurement? Get in touch with the European Assistance for Innovation Procurement (EAFIP) to submit your application for assistance now. EAFIP helps public buyers use their purchasing power to find innovative solutions that can speed up digital, green transformation of public services and boost economic recovery. 3 monthly calls are launched now. Next deadline for submission of applications: 25 June 2021

Call for tenders open: Spanish national cybersecurity institute launches pre-commercial procurement

The Institute for Business Competitiveness and the Spanish national cybersecurity competence center (INCIBE) invite interested bidders to submit offers for their first pre-commercial procurement in the cybersecurity field. The aim is to develop tools that can discover and eliminate websites or domains where hidden illegal activities happen, not only on the regular Internet but also on the Deep Web. The procurement receives funding from the European Union's European Regional Development Fund. Check out the video presentation of the tender scope. Deadline for submission of offers: 14 May 2021

Deploying 5G connectivity in the North Sea: Bay of Germany

In order to bring significant improvement to the digitalisation of the cargo and cruising industry in the North of Europe, the German regional Broadband Competence Office (BCO) of Lower Saxony launched a mobile connectivity project deploying 5G infrastructure in the Bay of Germany in the North Sea. As Peer Beyersdorff explains in this video, conditions at sea and the Earth’s curvature make mobile telecommunication challenging. The project serves one of the busiest sea routes in the world, enabling safer passage, more reliable communication and important services for both trade and tourism.

European Commission procurement triggers wider deployment of innovative disinfection robots across Europe's hospitals

End 2020 the European Commission contracted UVD robots, a Danish startup, to deliver 200 innovative disinfection robots to hospitals across EU countries. Results from first installations are good. Back in 2014-17, Blue Ocean Robotics created this self-driving disinfection robot in a pre-commercial procurement for a buyers group of Danish regions. Since then its subsidiary UVD robots experienced steep growth by selling the robots worldwide to fight COVID-19. UVD Robots enable hospitals to reduce disease transmission by killing 99.99% of bacteria and viruses in a patient room in 10 minutes time.

Call for tenders open: pre-commercial procurement on organ preservation

The center for minimal invasive surgery in Caceres (ES) invites interested bidders to make offers for the pre-commercial procurement on improving organ preservation from the donor to the recipient. The buyer is looking for innovative solutions that can monitor in real-time the function and status of the organ, enable to use organs with expanded criteria, extend the preservation periods under physiological conditions, without altering the metabolic or secretory function of the organ and predict the post-transplant viability of the organ. Deadline for submission of offers: 8 April 2021.