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Stakeholder Consultation on European Interoperability Framework for Smart Cities and Communities

Appointed by the European Commission, Deloitte and KU Leuven are currently developing a proposal for a European Interoperability Framework for Smart Cities and Communities (EIF4SCC).
Take part in the current stakeholder consultation by the 12 April 2021 and help us shape this promising document! Your contribution will help to fine tune it and make it a great tool for local government leaders in the digital transformation of their city or community.

Call for papers: Big Data eHealth applications

The upcoming Special Issue of the Applied Sciences journal issued a call for papers that will be focused on technologies and methodologies in the field of Big Data Analytics for eHealth, also considering their combined use with Internet of Thing (IoT) devices, Artificial Intelligence (AI) methods, and Cyber Security (CS) techniques for the definition of complex systems and architectures for the eHealth domain. A special regard will be paid to papers devoted to the analysis of COVID-19-related Big Data.

Hospital buyers invite peers across Europe to collaborate on finetuning innovative procurement needs

Six hospitals from Spain, Italy, Poland, Lithuania and the UK invite other clinics, healthcare organizations and practitioners for feedback on six unmet needs that require innovative solutions: zero waste operating theaters, personalised surgical process for joint replacements, waste reduction services, smart emergency call and response solutions, innovative renovation of hospital wards and transformation of the outpatient journey. Are you facing similar challenges? Submit your comments. By working together, we can encourage and enable innovation in the supply-chain that meets also your needs.

Apply for free of charge assistance for your next Innovation Procurement

Are you a public buyer that could use some help in preparing and implementing your next innovation procurement? Get in touch with the European Assistance for Innovation Procurement (EAFIP) to submit your application for assistance now. EAFIP helps public buyers use their purchasing power to find innovative solutions that can speed up digital, green transformation of public services and boost economic recovery. 3 monthly calls are launched now. Next deadline for submission of applications: 25 June 2021

Creating the world's first and largest full-scale carbon capture, transport and storage facility

Since 2011, the Norwegian oil and gas operators Equinor and Gassnova successfully completed two consecutive pre-commercial procurements that developed and tested cost effective solutions for full-scale carbon capture, transport and storage. This is a cornerstone in the EU's climate strategy to reduce CO2 emissions of the energy intensive industries and reach climate neutrality by 2050. Recently the Norwegian government and the EFTA surveillance authority approved 2,5Bn EURO budget for full-scale roll out of the solution, which by 2050 could capture 14% of the CO2 emitted across the entire EU.

European Commission procurement triggers wider deployment of innovative disinfection robots across Europe's hospitals

End 2020 the European Commission contracted UVD robots, a Danish startup, to deliver 200 innovative disinfection robots to hospitals across EU countries. Results from first installations are good. Back in 2014-17, Blue Ocean Robotics created this self-driving disinfection robot in a pre-commercial procurement for a buyers group of Danish regions. Since then its subsidiary UVD robots experienced steep growth by selling the robots worldwide to fight COVID-19. UVD Robots enable hospitals to reduce disease transmission by killing 99.99% of bacteria and viruses in a patient room in 10 minutes time.