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WiFi4EU stories: an interview with the Mayor of Litovel, Czechia

Litovel, a hidden gem of Moravia located about 200 km east of Prague, is one of 312 municipalities that has used a WiFi4EU voucher in Czechia, demonstrating great dedication to the country’s recently approved strategy for digital transformation (under the name of Digitální Česko, Digital Czechia).

Extension of installation period for all WiFi4EU beneficiaries

Given the confinement and social distancing measures still in place in several Member States, the European Commission has decided to grant an extension of the installation period to all WIFi4EU beneficiaries in order to allow every concerned municipality to complete their projects.

WiFi4EU stories: an interview with Mayor of Akranes, Iceland

The municipality of Akranes is an Icelandic gem nestled between two fjords. Thanks to WiFi4EU, residents and tourists can enjoy free access to connectivity when admiring the city's main attraction, including the famous Akranes Folk Museum.

WiFi4EU countries: Hungary

Hungary has been awarded 325 WiFi4EU vouchers. Learn more about how free connectivity is benefitting citizens of all ages and contributing to the digitisation of the tourism industry.

WiFi4EU countries: Greece

Greece has been awarded 312 WiFi4EU vouchers. Learn more about how municipalities are leveraging WiFi4EU to boost connectivity in both touristic and remote areas in the country.