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High-Level Group on the impact of digital transformation meets Commissioners Thyssen and Gabriel

During the first meeting of the High-Level Group on the impact of digital transformation, its members welcomed the opportunity to hear the views of Commissioners Thyssen and Gabriel, who underlined the political importance of the topics under consideration and the need to ensure that digital technologies would lead to innovation and growth while also fostering competitiveness and inclusiveness.

The High-Level Group on the impact of digital transformation has nine members and is chaired by Prof. Dr. Maarten Goos, University of Utrecht. It met for the first time on 18 September. 

At the meeting the European Commission presented the main elements of the Digital Single Market strategy and of the European Pillar of Social Rights and its accompanying initiatives. The High-Level group members found this contextualisation helpful, while being mindful that the matters under their consideration are to a large extent under the responsibility of Member States. 

The members agreed on an agile and iterative approach to the drafting of their recommendations, expected by the end of February 2019, and are planning to involve other stakeholders to better understand the opportunities and challenges ahead of us. 

The group will meet again on 10 October 2018 in Brussels.