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Synopsis report of the public consultation on the revision of the Directive on the reuse of public sector information

The Commission held a consultation on the review of Directive 2003/98/EC on the re-use of public sector information (PSI Directive) between June 2017 and late January 2018. This synopsis report presents the results of the consultation process and highlights the main findings gathered by the Commission.

The aim of this consultation was to assess the functioning of the Directive, consider the scope of the review, and reflect on policy options. At the same time, it explored the issue of access to private sector data which are of public interest. The consultation sought to involve PSI holders (public sector bodies) and re users (public, private, commercial and non commercial actors).

The feedback received from workshops (mainly from PSI holders) and an online questionnaire (68 % of respondents to which were primarily interested in re‑using PSI) form the basis for the analysis and conclusions presented here.

Inception impact assessment

The inception impact assessment was available for feedback on the Better Regulation portal from 18 September to 16 October 2017. The seven replies (from associations, public organisations, national statistical offices and private individuals) addressed topics including improving the interoperability of data, maintaining current charging rules, and maintaining the exception for cultural establishments. On extending the Directive’s scope to public utilities undertakings, concerns were raised as to cost and coherence with other legislation.

Online consultation

The public online consultation (19 September to 16 December 2017) asked for views on how the Directive is implemented, (including problems, objectives and possible options for the future) and addressed the issue of public access to data of public interest held by the private sector. It targeted all interested parties, including governments, public sector content‑holders and users, commercial and non-commercial re-users, experts and academics, and the general public.

The 273 replies, from all Member States, included:

  • almost 29 % from public organisations (general and statistical services, research, etc.);
  • almost 25 % from associations (representing public or private actors); and
  • 25 % from citizens.

Of the business respondents, half were very large organisations (5 000+ employees) and 40 % were SMEs.

In addition, 58 position papers and five stand-alone contributions were received, mostly on specific issues, e.g. access to scientific information and to private sector data of public interest.


Read the complete synopsis report in English, also available in all the EU official languages:

Български, čeština, dansk, Deutsch, eesti, ελληνικά, español, français, hrvatski, italiano, latviešu, lietuvių, magyar, Malti, Nederlands, polski, português, românăslovenčina, slovenščinasuomi, svenska.


Other consultation actions

  • Workshop on public bodies’ access to commercially held data of public interest (26 June 2017);
  • Meeting of Member State representatives from the ‘PSI group’  (15 November 2017);
  • Meeting of the National Points of Reference on access to and preservation of scientific information (5 December 2017);
  • Workshop on access to scientific information and extending the scope of the Directive to research data (14 December 2017);
  • Workshop for PSI holders and re-users (18 January 2018);
  • Public Hearing on the PSI Directive review (19 January 2018); and
  • High-level roundtable on opening up transport and utilities sector data (23 January 2018).