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Bâtir l’avenir numérique de l’Europe

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Study on industry agreements in current and future digital value chains

The European Commission is currently calling for tenders to carry out a technological and economic study of areas where industry agreements have a high potential to create markets and market opportunities, as it is the case for industrial platforms, reference architectures and interaction protocols.

A wearable device to detect cardiac arrhythmias

The Slovenian company Saving, with the help of a Digital Innovation Hub, has created a light, affordable and non-intrusive wearable device to improve monitoring of patients that suffer from cardiac diseases.

Boosting water efficiency with smart meters and sensors

What if sensors in your pipelines could help you save water and reduce your bills? That's what the Spanish company A-cing and the Digital Innovation Hub of the Technical University of Madrid have developed within the European project CPSELabs.

Calling mountain rescue with no network

The Swiss SME Alp’ride, together with the Digital Innovation Hub CEA Leti, has developed a system to send GPS coordinates without the need of a network in order to locate skiers and mountaineers in emergency situations.