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Rochtain ar ábhar closamhairc agus é a bheith ar fáil ar fud an Aontais

The Commission is holding a dialogue with the audiovisual sector to improve access to and availability of audiovisual content across the EU.


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The dialogue on access and availability of audiovisual content is a key part of the Media and Audiovisual Action Plan, aimed at supporting the recovery and transformation of the media and audiovisual sector.

Following the high-level roundtable with Commissioner Breton, the Commission is holding a series of stakeholder meetings gathering representatives of the audiovisual sector and consumer organisations. The first session took place on 9 November 2021, in which the Commission presented the objectives and organisation of the dialogue. View the full list of participants (.pdf)

The dialogue should help to identify concrete industry-led solutions to increase the number and diversity of audiovisual works available online in each Member State and facilitate consumers’ access to audiovisual content across the EU. The different segments of the audiovisual sector are represented in the dialogue’s meetings, including authors, producers, distributors, broadcasters, TV operators, independent and global VOD services, film funds, and consumer organisations.

Meeting reports and presentations

First meeting

Second meeting

Third meeting

Written contributions

In June 2022 the Commission wrote to the participants to the dialogue, asking them to submit proposals for concrete actions or roadmap presenting the steps they intend to take in order to contribute to improving the online availability and cross-border access to audiovisual works across the EU. The Commission’ services have so far received the following contributions:

Ábhar Gaolmhar

An Pictiúr Mór

European Media and Audiovisual Action Plan

The Media and Audiovisual Action Plan (MAAP) aims to boost European media and help maintain European cultural and technological autonomy in the Digital Decade.

Féach freisin

An ‘Tionscnamh Nuachta’

A free, viable and pluralistic media environment is key to keeping citizens informed, holding power to account, and strengthening open, democratic societies.