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Big Data Test Infrastructure

The Commission’s Big Data Test Infrastructure (BDTI) helps public administrations be more efficient through big data.

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Unlock the power of data, experiment to enable the creation of value towards a data-driven public sector.

What is BDTI?

BDTI provides a set of services to help public administrations explore and experiment with various data sources, software and methodologies. Our Test Infrastructure is a safe environment to work with data, where you can collect useful data and information that will contribute to boost the creation of insights and intelligence in the public sector.

  • Experiment with data analytics tools

Test and play around with data analytics tools without wasting time on installation and settings, setups and configurations.

  • Collect insights

Explore data and collect useful insights that might challenge and redirect your moves

  • Experiment with data analytics tools

Free of charge pilot

Who can benefit from BDTI?

If you are a public sector entity or agency, discover how we can help you find new ways to draw data-driven insights for strategic decision making. We will provide you with the necessary technical documentation and support services to test and prototype analytics and Big Data solutions before deploying them in your own production environment.

  1. How to start using it -  Get familiar with the test infrastructure services that you can use to start experimenting with data.
  2. Consider what kind of data you wish to analyse and which results you hope to retrieve from your analytic experiments.
  3. After you have determined your data analytics use case, you are ready to request to run a pilot project on the BDTI platform!


May 10, 2022 - BDTI WEBINAR | Data: From Hype to Action, service architecture and hands-on use case


Know more about BDTI

  • Test infrastructure - The test infrastructure is the pre-configured and ready to use virtual environment in which users will be able to experiment with data analysis to gather valuable insights. 
  • Data source catalogue provides a centralised repository of reliable data sources (mainly open data) to find data reusable for the execution of pilots on BDTI. Public Administrations may easily find open data sources (and related data sets) for a pilot execution. 
  • Big Data and Analytics Software Catalogue provides to the users the possibility to search and download analytics software for implementing Big Data use cases. Software items are clearly classified by technical area and can be tested with the “Test Infrastructure” service
Drop us a line to learn more or request a BDTI pilot:

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