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Startup Europe for growth H2020 Projects

In order to help build a strong European ecosystem where startups can thrive, Startup Europe is empowering 7 projects, funded under Horizon 2020, that are connecting local ecosystems across Europe.

Logos of the 7 new Startup Europe Projects

logos are copyright of each Startup Europe Project described

Logos of the 7 new Startup Europe Projects

The winning projects of the Startup Europe for Growth Horizon 2020 Call have been selected. These projects will connect deep tech startup ecosystems and support cross-border activities for startups and scaleups. The cross-border activities include the following: connecting tech entrepreneurs with potential investors, business partners, accessing skills, and services helping startups soft land in new international markets. In the list below, you will find all ongoing Startup Europe projects including name, description, and consortium members.


Scaleup4Europe’s objective is the establishment of four cross-border operating “Scaleup Labs”. The Scaleup Labs are based on the ”living lab” concept and support qualifying scaleups in achieving “Proof of Scalability”. The project partners propose to set up a Scaleup Lab in each ecosystem for a specific industry vertical that benefit significantly from Deep Tech (Smart Region, Health Sciences, Agile Manufacturing, AgTech).  The Scaleup Labs will provide deep tech start-ups with a structured open innovation approach in which they can achieve cross-border market success, through first successful collaborations with corporate customers, investors and/or public institutions.



B-HUB FOR EUROPE will target deep tech vertical startups in the blockchain domain. The initiative is aimed at: discovering high-potential innovations, shaping suited proof of concepts and business models, providing specialised acceleration services to overcome current market barriers and assist the go-to-market process, unlocking new market channels with potential private/public customers, scaling up innovative businesses across five startups ecosystems in Europe: IT (Rome), FR (Paris), DE (Berlin), LT (Vilnius) and RO (Cluj-Napoca).


Scale-up Champions

The Scale-up Champions project builds on the premise of equalising opportunities of scaling up for startups across five countries represented through the partners of the consortium: Estonia, Lithuania, Poland, Denmark and Spain.

Main activities targeting: corporate-startup collaboration, investment readiness and internationalisation



X-Europe brings together leading training, acceleration, events, and media companies from across Europe. Together we will link the developing regions of the Baltics and the Visegrad region to the wider European ecosystem, rebalancing the flow of socio-economic capital. Through the delivery of training, matchmaking & promotional services X-Europe will support 150 deeptech startups and help them to internationalise, grow across borders, and into developing frontiers.



STARTUP 3 will scout for top founding teams to identify (uptake) breakthrough innovations from deep tech verticals (i.e. built on tangible scientific discoveries or engineering/ technical advances). Then STARTUP3 will help them fine tune (upgrade) their technologies/ business models and align their value proposition to the actual market demand (the so-called Key Performance Areas – KPAs). Finally, STARTUP3 will bring together top deep tech startups/ SMEs and the most prominent corporate innovators – CVC arms, incubators and accelerators, and innovation labs (facilitated by clusters and digital innovations hubs – DIHs) with the aim of catalysing productive interaction (upscale). This catalysation is rooted towards networking of deep-tech focused players (collaborative ecosystems and open innovation), raising understanding of the benefits of head spinning deep-tech innovation, smart take off and soft-landing support.



INNODEC, (Innovation Radar Data-based Identification & Commercialisation), aims to close the gap between investors and research projects from both sides. On the one hand, this is achieved through placing investors/partners in contact with the research projects with the highest potential, and then on the other, to coach the projects on raising capital, identifying a business model and developing a sound go-to-market strategy. This approach will ensure scalability while simultaneously catering to the large diversity between projects and their needs. This is achieved by using data to select the projects with the highest market potential and is followed by tailor-made support. Giving tailor-made support is needed as ownership structures, backgrounds, and challenges vary greatly between projects. Some researchers prefer to transfer or license their innovations as opposed to starting and running a company. The key to success is to first understand each innovation, innovator, investor & partner; only then can their needs and their potential be identified. They can then receive the right kind of support at the right stage.



MediaMotorEurope: Development of deep tech solutions targeting the market have the potential to help EU’s media and creative industry to become an even stronger sector. MediaMotorEurope (MME) will boost solutions that can address challenges. Its goal is to nurture high-potential European deep tech innovators, solving today’s most prominent media industry challenges and support them in building the media solutions of tomorrow such as misinformation, accessibility, user interfaces and use of data. A large focus will be on deep tech solutions, such as AI and machine learning, and their potential application in the domain of media and creative industries.



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