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Open Innovation 2.0 Conference 2014

An accelerated recovery of the European economy could be achieved with a stronger OI2 approach to boost job creation, driving a better entrepreneurship environment and deliver innovations for global challenges.

The European Commission / Open Innovation Strategy and Policy Group - OISPG, Intel Labs Europe, and Dublin City Council jointly organised the Open Innovation 2.0 Conference.

The conference was held on June 12 at the Dublin Convention Centre, devoted to inspiring sessions and interaction on OI2 business models and ecosystems!

The OI2.0 conference was organised around the concept of short speeches, strong interaction and further development of the ideas, so that the outcome has an impact beyond the event.


Bror Salmelin Stefan Schepers
Martin Curley Ilkka Kakko
Richard Straub Brian MacCraith
Henry Chesbrough Ronan Stephan
Robert Madelin Walter Weigel
Peter Finnegan Mark Kleinman
Antti Peltomäki Desirée van Welsum
Julie Sinnamon Piero Formica
Jaspar Roos Dan Marom
John Breslin Eleni Pratsini
Megan Browne David Boundy
Ali Jazairy Michela Magas
Paul Duggan  

The Open Innovation Luminary Awards Dinner Ceremony on June 11th was the perfect icebreaker into the actual conference. The ceremony took place in the prestigious Dublin City Hall.

Luminary awards 2Luminary Awards

  • Conference material and presentations can be found here.

  • On this page you can find the Agenda of the Conference in its 2014 edition.

  • Check out the OISPG Youtube Channel as well.

Based on the principles of shared vision and shared value, the OI2 approach creates a fair win-win situation for all stakeholders and creates entirely new market opportunities.