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EU funding opportunities for PCP and PPI

Due to the Corona virus, Horizon 2020 call deadlines for several innovation procurement calls have been extended. The extension for each topic can be different and is published on the EU funding and tenders portal. Check out the topics, budgets and call deadlines for the 142M EURO of EU funding for innovation procurements in the 2018-2020 Horizon 2020 programme. Funding opportunities are foreseen for pre-commercial procurements (PCPs) and public procurements of innovative solutions (PPIs) in different fields: health, security, energy, transport, satellite and research infrastructures.

Horizon 2020 offers the following funding opportunities exist for consortia of procurers:

- To prepare and undertake together PCP or PPI procurements (see the calls for PCP actions or PPI actions).

- To cooperate on identifying opportunities and preparing for future PCPs / PPIs (see the calls for CSA actions)

The funding rates are 90% respectively 35% for the PCP respectively PPI actions. In PCP actions, groups of procurers implement together 1 joint PCP procurement. In PPI actions, procurers can choose between implementing one joint PPI procurement or several separate but coordinated PPI procurements!

The following ppts guide you through the core info about the calls for proposals:

- Overview of all the calls in support of PCP and PPI in 2018-2020 (updated with the March 2020 deadline extensions)

- Modalities of the Horizon 2020 funding instruments in support of PCP and PPI. More detailed info in the general annexes of the Work Program here.

- How to find partners? How to prepare a proposal? How will the evaluation take place?

- Possible ESIF funding synergies for Horizon 2020 funded PCP/PPI projects.

FAQs about the Horizon 2020 PCP instrument and FAQs about the Horizon 2020 PPI instrument are also regularly updated here.

To help procurers in H2020 funded PCPs and PPIs, the EC has published (last update October 2017) Guidance for PCP tender documents and Guidance for PPI tender documents: These guidance documents include templates for OJEU notices to announce the open market consultation, to launch the call for tender and to announce the winning bidders. There is also a template for the request for tenders (for PCPs this also includes a Framework Agreement covering the whole PCP and specific contracts for each PCP phase).