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2021 Financing Decision on Multimedia Actions

The aim of activities carried out within the Multimedia Actions framework is to fund general information, news and programmes about the Union, directed at the general public. This is intended to increase the visibility of the Union institutions’ work, the decisions taken and the stages in the building of Europe. It is also designed to allow citizens to make full use of their right to be informed about and involved in European policies, and to contribute to a better European public sphere.

Digital Innovation Hubs (DIHs) as policy instruments to boost digitalisation of SMEs

Given the urgent need of SMEs and public administrations to rapidly deploy advanced digital technologies to mitigate the negative consequences of the recent COVID19 crisis to their businesses, the role of DIHs is more important than ever. The Handbook introduces a step-by-step approach to provide support to policy makers that envisage strengthening DIHs in their regions/countries with a view to accelerate digital transformation of the economy and society. This approach allows to use the Handbook as a reference tool depending on the specific needs and level of implementation of DIHs.

Destination Earth

This brochure gives you a quick overview of Destination Earth: the digital twin of the Earth helping us towards a sustainable future.

Women farmers drive digital transformation in rural areas

With 30% of EU farms being managed by women, these farmers are key in driving the digital transformation of rural areas. As explained by Lotta Folkesson, an arable farmer in northern Sweden, high-speed connectivity is needed to allow the use of cutting edge technology in both agriculture and forestry, as well for everyday management. On top of this, it enables entrepreneurship and allows remote area inhabitants to connect with the wider community. “With good infrastructure, we will have a stronger farming community as well as better conditions to attract more people to rural areas”.

Summary report - Workshop on Institutional aspects of network deployment

This report summarises the informal views expressed by participants on institutional aspects linked to network deployment. Their views were gathered during the online participatory workshop of 22 February 2021 organised as part of the consultation activities foreseen for the review of the Broadband Cost Reduction Directive (BCRD).

Roaming Performance Study

In the context of the review of the EU Roaming Regulation, the Joint Research Centre (JRC) undertook a study (Smart 2018/0011) on roaming performance assessment by field measurements on mobile broadband involving 40 mobile networks in 13 EU countries.