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Policy actions for boosting the EU video games sector

The 11th workshop by the European Video Games Society project focused on identifying policy actions to be undertaken especially at EU level, based on the structure of the project team’s research efforts.

Digital connectivity to counter rural depopulation

The latest study of the European Joint Research Centre (JRC) introduces the exploratory concept of ‘lonely places’ in Europe. As explained in this video interview, such places present a vulnerability in terms of insufficient local endowment, accessibility or connectivity.

EU Blockchain Ecosystem Developments

The European Blockchain Observatory and Forum has published an updated version of the EU Blockchain Ecosystem Developments report.

Open Data Maturity report: making the most of open data

As part of the European strategy for data, the EU pursues an open data policy. This policy concerns EU institutions, agencies and bodies, as well as the Member States, which are encouraged to make as much data available for reuse as possible. The Open Data Directive sets the framework and directs Member States towards establishing their national open data online portals.

Evaluation of the Active and Assisted Living programme (AAL2)

The European Commission transmitted the evaluation report presenting the results of the final evaluation of the Active and Assisted Living research and development programme - AAL2 - to the European Parliament and the Council.