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Call for evidence on the European Media Freedom Act

The Commission has launched a call for evidence on the upcoming European Media Freedom Act, which aims to safeguard the integrity, pluralism and independence of the EU media market.

Civil liability – adapting liability rules to the digital age and artificial intelligence

This public consultation aims to: confirm the relevance of the issues identified by the 2018 evaluation of the Product Liability Directive (e.g. how to apply the Directive to products in the digital and circular economy), and gather information and views on how to improve the Directive (Section I); collect information on the need and possible ways to address issues related specifically to damage caused by Artificial Intelligence systems, which concerns both the Product Liability Directive and national civil liability rules (Section II).

Accessible web & digital content for people with disabilities – review of EU rules

The consultation aims at collecting views of all interested stakeholders including Member State, regional and local authorities; independent bodies dealing with accessibility, NGOs and organisations representing persons with disabilities and older people, industry players and technology providers, academic and certification bodies, accessibility experts, and citizens, especially persons with disabilities or functional limitations, and older people.

Have your say on children’s rights online

How can we ensure that we promote, protect, respect and fulfil the rights of all children and young people when they go online? Have your say in the #DigitalDecade4YOUth consultation, running from 1 September until 11 October 2021.

Public consultation on the Data Act

The objective of the Data Act is to propose measures to create a fair data economy by ensuring access to and use of data, including in business-to-business and business-to-government situations. The initiative would not alter data protection legislation and would seek to preserve incentives in data generation. Under this initiative, a review of Directive 96/9/EC on the legal protection of databases is also planned in order to ensure continued relevance for the data economy. This questionnaire aims at consulting all types of stakeholders, including citizens and businesses, about the different

Public consultation on a set of European Digital Principles

As a follow-up to its Digital Decade Communication of 9 March, the Commission launched a public consultation on the formulation of a set of digital principles to promote and uphold EU values in the digital space. This consultation, open until 2 September 2021, seeks to open a wide societal debate and gather views from citizens, non-governmental and civil society organisations, businesses, administrations and all interested parties. These principles will guide the EU and Member States in designing digital rules and regulations that deliver the benefits of digitalisation for all citizens.