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Public consultation on the implementation of the Digital Markets Act

The draft implementing regulation now available for public feedback details the procedural aspects related to the enforcement of the DMA, such as the right for parties to be heard and to access the file, as well as the elements included in notification forms, among others.

Cyber Resilience Act

Information and communication technology (ICT) products and services create opportunities for EU economies and societies, along new challenges. When everything is connected, a cybersecurity incident can affect an entire ecosystem and disrupt economic or social activities.

Call for evidence on the European Media Freedom Act

The Commission has launched a call for evidence on the upcoming European Media Freedom Act, which aims to safeguard the integrity, pluralism and independence of the EU media market.

Civil liability – adapting liability rules to the digital age and artificial intelligence

This public consultation aims to: confirm the relevance of the issues identified by the 2018 evaluation of the Product Liability Directive (e.g. how to apply the Directive to products in the digital and circular economy), and gather information and views on how to improve the Directive (Section I); collect information on the need and possible ways to address issues related specifically to damage caused by Artificial Intelligence systems, which concerns both the Product Liability Directive and national civil liability rules (Section II).