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The eArchiving Reference Architecture

The ninth training webinar of the eArchiving series will introduce the key concepts around the eArchiving Reference Architecture and present the new version of its website.

The image shows a symbolic ilustration related to the webinar session

The ninth training webinar of the eArchiving Initiative series will provide an overview of the eArchiving Reference Architecture, a model and tool that supports institutions in implementing or improving digital archiving operations by describing the most crucial motivation, strategy, business, and infrastructure components. It allows institutions to understand why and what they want to achieve with their digital archive and help implement suitable processes and infrastructure.

The eArchiving Reference Architecture takes two forms. The primary eArchiving Reference Architecture is articulated in the ArchiMate language and curated using the Archi tool. There is also a web application that offers enhanced accessibility to the ArchiMate views, complete with introductory narratives, hyperlinks, a glossary, and a download section. This online edition has been redesigned. The motivation, strategy, business and application views have been extended with two new topics: views supporting the Archiving by Design (or Sustainable Access) approach and views to be used with the eArchiving Capability Maturity Model. Moreover, all business layer views and example scenarios have been updated, and a new Getting Started section has been added, introducing key concepts essential for comprehending our methodology and the model.

This webinar will briefly introduce ArchiMate and the key concepts behind the model and detail the new features of the Reference Architecture. No previous knowledge is required, making this webinar suitable for newcomers and experts alike.

The training webinar will take place on Thursday, 21 March 2024, 10.00–11.00 CET and will be presented by István Alföldi of Poliphon.

Practical information about the webinar will be provided once the participant has registered.