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Symposium: Tools for Unknown Futures

Within the 3rd edition of BOZAR Electronic Arts Festival, the symposium "Art & Digital Technologies: Disruptive Innovation practices for an Unknown Future" is a professional gathering open to the public which explores increasingly close relationship between artistic practices, digital creation, technological innovation and research.

Collaborative initiatives, new practices, permeability between artistic and industrial spheres, and new avenues of financing are all issues that define the new cultural milieu. This symposium proposes to bring together creative experts, policy makers, technologists, artists, companies and researchers from various backgrounds to discuss these issues.

In parellel to the Bozar Electronics Arts Festival, an exhibition and performance will also show how Art and ICT can merge. The public will become acquainted with world-famous names, and is bound to come across new discoveries too. For example, the fragile tones of Nils Frahm, the almost physical sound castles of Ben Frost or the intense dark ambient of Mondkopf, and the absolutely unique, whirlwind style of Fuck Buttons.

From the start, participants are immersed in a festive mood thanks to the sounds of electronic prodigy Max Cooper or the surprising Young Echo collective. They can also view art work by Quayola, Felix Luque Sánchez or renowned architect Luc Deleu.