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CLOSED: H2020-ICT-2014-1 Call for Proposals for Smart Cyber-Physical Systems

Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) refer to next generation embedded ICT systems that are interconnected and collaborating including through the Internet of things, and providing citizens and businesses with a wide range of innovative applications and services.

 These are the ICT systems increasingly embedded in all types of artefacts making "smarter", more intelligent, more energy-efficient and more comfortable our transport systems, cars, factories, hospitals, offices, homes, cities and personal devices. Focus is on both reinforcing European industrial strengths as well as exploring new markets.

Often endowed with control, monitoring and data gathering functions, CPS need to comply with essential requirements like safety, privacy, security and near-zero power consumption as well as size, usability and adaptability constraints. To maximise impact and return on investment in this field, the following challenges must be addressed:

• De-verticalising technology solutions with CPS platforms that cut across the barriers between application sectors including mass consumer markets.

• Bringing together actors along the value chain from suppliers of components and customised computing systems to system integrators and end users.
• Creating new ICT Platforms for both vertical and core markets from automotive, health , smart buildings and energy to wireless communications and digital consumer products and services.

Scope: Activities should address the development of new paradigms, concepts, and platforms or toolboxes laying the foundation for future generations of CPS. Participants should include suppliers and users of CPS, tool providers, suppliers of sub-systems, system integrators, auditors/certification bodies of systems and related academia and research institutes (including Social Sciences and Humanities).

For further reference, please check the summary of the workshop on Fostering Innovation for Cyber-Physical Systems, Advanced Computing and Manufacturing. All the presentations are published here.


FAQ-Questions/Answers for Proposers
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