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Pilot project: Start This Up!

The European Commission is launching a Call for proposals for a pilot project to leverage the Startup Europe networks and hubs for the benefit of the West Pomerania province for a maximum amount of 750.000€

The aim of the pilot project 'Start This Up' is to create links between ecosystems, focusing on connecting people, local ecosystems, international outreach and providing information for the West Pomerania province and neighbouring regions. The Pilot will reinforce matchmaking between investors, corporates, higher education institutions and entrepreneurs as well as networking of regional decision-makers.

The pilot project will on the one hand, help established startups and prospective tech entrepreneurs to achieve market success and, on the other, raise broader awareness of high potential innovators in Europe with specific targeted actions for maturing innovation excellence in EU-funded ICT projects.

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Any questions about this call should be sent to the contact points referred to in the "Call for proposals" document above. These questions will be published anonymously on this page.