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Benchmarking Deployment of eHealth among General Practitioners 2013 (SMART 2011/0033)

The study was carried out with the objectives of: a) measuring the level of availability and use of eHealth in primary care; b) examining what drives or hampers the overall level of eHealth adoption. Besides basic ICT information and infrastructures, the key pillars of eHealth that have been measured include: Electronic Health Record (EHR), Health Information Exchange (HIE), TeleHealth, and Personal Health Record (PHR).


SMART 2011/0033 includes Open Data


The survey shows that access to, and use of, basic ICT (a computer connected to the Internet) in the consultation room has become almost universal in all countries. For more advanced features such as Electronic Health Records (EHR), Health Information Exchange (HIE), Telehealth, and Personal Health Records (PHR), however, the data show that more progress is needed. Although there was progress compared to 2007, adoption of eHealth systems in primary care is still limited for HIE, Telehealth, and PHR. Some basic forms of EHR are now available to about 93% of GPs, but more advanced features are less widespread. Levels of adoption are influenced by GPs individual characteristics and attitudes as well as by country level effects, and by the perception of impacts and barriers. The majority of GPs place more emphasis on barriers than on benefits, and identify lack of financial incentives and resources, lack of inter-operability, and lack of a regulatory framework on issues of confidentiality and privacy as the main barriers.

The data file contains around 9 thousand interviews realised in 28 EU countries plus Iceland, Norway and Turkey;  number of questionnaires varies between 50 and 572 per country. The interviews were conducted with three different methods (online 24 countries, Web-CATI 5 countries, face to face 3 countries). The data gathering started in January 2013 and was completed on the 6th March 2013

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