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Economic value of data flows

The study provides an innovative method for estimating the volume and economic values of enterprise data flowing to cloud and edge infrastructures across Europe.

The analytical framework developed in this study implements one of the key actions of the European Strategy for Data: the development of a first in kind Data Flow Analytical Framework to measure the volume and value of data flows.

The methodology developed and applied can estimate, forecast up to 2030 and monitor cloud data flow volumes and their associated economic values across the European Union (EU), between the EU and EFTA countries, the EU and the UK and in support of EU policy, trade, and investment decisions. It will also give first insights on extra-EU cloud data flows with key third countries. Furthermore, the findings could eventually provide some useful evidence to support the evaluation of the EU Regulation on the free flow of non-personal data and to achieve the Digital Decade’s Cloud and Edge targets. 

The value of cloud data flows is defined as the knock-on benefits triggered by cloud data flows arising from the consumption of cloud services.

The study also took the opportunity to forecast cloud uptake and examine the value of cloud services as benefits obtained directly from using cloud services.

The results could be used in the future as a strategic foresight tool for continuous analysis of European cloud data flow patterns and their associated volume and economic value developments until 2030.

This study updates and complements the European Commission study  « Mapping Data Flows » which provided a map and graphs about comparative country data flow and outflow forecasts up to 2030 (‘Cloud data flow visualisation tool’)


Economic value of data flows - Final report