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An emerging offer of "personal information management services" - Current state of service offers and challenges

Personal information management services (PIMS) are an emerging technological offer allowing individuals to better manage access and use of their personal data, using a novel human-centric approach to the way in which data are used in the online world.

The attached document reports on findings collected by DG CONNECT in relation to an emerging offer of personal information management services.

It contains in particular:

  • Results from a public online consultation on the question whether personal information management is perceived as an interesting way forward for a wider public;
  • A detailed description of the current service offerings in the area of personal information management in Europe, including technological and commercial readiness of the service offerings;
  • A description of future R & I challenges and other potential areas of public (and EC) intervention.

This document was finalised in January 2016.


PIMS report final