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Evidence gathering on liability of online intermediaries

Different workshops were organised regarding voluntary measures, notice and action procedures.

The following 3 workshops covered proactive measures, notice and action procedures in practice, and the impact of voluntary measures on fundamental rights.

The workshop on voluntary measures took place on 6 April with experts "on the ground" who implement the platforms' voluntary measures to take down illegal content. It focused on concrete evidence, experience, examples and data, as well as legal and financial costs linked to the adoption of such measures. See Report of the workshop.

Member States were consulted on current notice and action procedures in the context of the Expert Group meeting on E-commerce.

The workshop on notice and action procedures was held on 31 May. Practical aspects of the notice and action mechanisms employed by the stakeholders were discussed like online platforms/intermediaries as notice recipients, rights-holders as notice providers. User and consumer rights, as well as the perspective of public authorities. More details in this report.

The workshop on Digital Platforms and Fundamental Rights took place on 12 June with a panel of experts from academia, digital platforms and civil rights organisations. The 8 following themes were explored (see report):

  • data gathering
  • legal impact of fundamental rights on Digital Intermediaires' operations
  • corporate responsibility of Digital Intermediaries in relation to fundamental rights
  • role of the EU in relation to corporate responsibility
  • Is there a case for legal intervention?
  • fundamental rights and formal notice-and-action procedures
  • cross-jurisdiction issues
  • other questions.


Report of the Workshop on Digital Platforms and Fundamental Rights (12/06/2017)
Report of the workshop on notice and action in practice (31/05/2017)
Report of the workshop on voluntary measures (06/04/2017)