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NIS Cooperation Group meetings agendas

The NIS Cooperation Group, established by the Directive on security of network and information systems (the NIS Directive) meets regularly in plenary sessions. The agenda is proposed by the Chair of the Group and agreed on by all members. This page is regularly updated with the agendas of the previous meetings.

The meetings of the NIS Cooperation Group are chaired by the Member State holding the Presidency of the Council of the EU. The European Commission serves as the secretariat of the Group and prepares these meetings. All meetings agendas are publicly available and are listed below.

The goal of the meetings is to facilitate the strategic cooperation and the exchange of information and good practices among the EU Member States on the security of network and information systems.

List of previous meetings agendas

(open as PDFs)

1st official meeting (09 February 2017)

2nd meeting (04-05 May 2017)

3rd meeting (13 September 2017)

4th meeting (28 November 2017)

5th meeting (29 January 2018)

6th meeting (04-05 May 2018)

7th meeting (05 July 2018)

8th meeting (10 October 2018)

9th meeting (06-07 November 2018)

10th meeting (12-13 February 2019)

11th meeting (5-6 June 2019)

12th meeting (25 September 2019)

13th meeting (28-29 November 2019)

14th meeting (28-29 January 2020)

15th meeting (2-3 June 2020)

16th meeting (22-23 September 2020)

17th meeting (16 December 2020)