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Online platforms – Points of view and exchanges | Workshop reports

Publication of high level reports of workshops with online platforms on 'platform-to-business' trading practices

The European Commission has organised several workshops on trading practices between online platforms and their business users. Following a series of workshops with business users, a workshop with representatives of online platforms took place on 24 March 2017. The workshops are part of a series of stakeholder engagement events that the European Commission organises as part of its fact-finding exercise on platforms' business-to-business (P2B) trading practices.  

The high-level report of this workshop follows the publication of the reports of the three previous workshops with business users (respectively focusing on platforms' legal terms and conditions, their use of algorithms, and data-related issues on online platforms).

Then on 20 October 2017 a focus group with platforms was organised to explore possible solutions to issues identified during the previous workshops. See its report.

The workshops were held subject to the Chatham House rule.

The in-depth discussions from the workshops are complemented by more comprehensive studies and surveys. As already announced in last year's Communication on Online Platforms, the Commission will present its preliminary findings still this year.

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