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Report on the results of the work of the High Level Group on the future use of the UHF band

Pascal Lamy, Chairman of the High Level Group on the future of the UHF spectrum, proposes to repurpose the 700 MHz band for wireless broadband and asks for regulatory stability for broadcasting to continue in the 470-694 MHz band until 2030.

Pascal Lamy's report is based on 6 months of constructive dialogue on how to use the UHF spectrum band in the mid-to long-term future involving top executives from Europe's broadcasters, network operators, mobile companies and tech associations (see IP/14/14) This band represents prime real estate in terms of use, capacity and reach.

To reconcile different views and realities in a single scheme which could enable Europe to fulfil Digital Agenda for Europe's broadband targets, while giving broadcasting a clear path to invest and develop further, Pascal Lamy proposed to:

- Dedicated the 700 MHz band to wireless broadband across Europe by 2020 (plus/minus 2 years);

- Ensure regulatory security and stability for terrestrial broadcasters in the remaining UHF spectrum below 700 MHz until 2030;

- Assess technology and market developments by 2025.


Pascal Lamy's Report on the future use of the UHF band