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WiFi4EU - 3 simple steps to make your town digital

More than 5,500 municipalities across Europe have installed their WiFi4EU networks. Are you a WiFi4EU beneficiary? Do you want to know more about the steps needed to redeem your €15,000 voucher? Watch this new WiFi4EU video to learn all about the process and transform your town into a digital town!

To bring free public Wi-Fi to your town or village, the European Commission has distributed 8,802 WiFi4EU vouchers worth €15,000 across 30 European countries, as well in the United Kingdom, Norway and Iceland.

Are you one of those winning municipalities? This video will guide you through 3 simple steps to complete in order to make the installation of your WiFi4EU network a success. Don’t miss the deadline of your voucher validity!  

  1. Your municipality selects a Wi-Fi installation company of your choice and declares it in the WiFi4EU portal.
  2. When the Wi-Fi installation company completes the hotspots, it encodes and submits the installation report in the WiFi4EU portal. Prior to this, the Wi-Fi installation company should introduce their IBAN account in the WiFi4EU portal, which then needs to be validated by the European Commission.
  3. Your municipality verifies and validates the installation report in the WiFi4EU portal.

Any doubt about your implementation deadline? You can check it by clicking here, or by scanning the QR code in the video.

If something is still unclear, the Health and Digital Executive Agency (HaDEA) is happy to assist you through the implementation process. You can also join our WiFi4EU community on the Futurium discussion forum.