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DIVERSIFY: Security and privacy on the Web

Software enables every aspect of the Web. In a time when citizens increasingly rely on software services for many aspects of their daily lives, security and privacy has become a major concern. To this date, providing software applications that respect the online privacy and are less sensitive to "bugs" is still a challenge. The EU funded project DIVERSIFY aims to enhance the robustness and security of software by increasing diversity in these systems.




The technologies developed by DIVERSIFY draw on concepts found in ecology such as adaptation and resilience and implement them in the design of software at different levels. It could help the software companies that build applications (mobile, web or cloud) meant to run in open, unpredictable environments, to generate variant copies of software components, thus increasing the adaptability and robustness of their products (if one copy doesn't work, the whole application can still work thanks to the other copies).

The solution envisaged by DIVERSIFY could have a major impact on how users will navigate the Web. Increased software diversity can protect the privacy of users. But, at the same time it is both the source of new form of tracking on the web, called browser fingerprinting. The project offers a solution installed in a browser, completely transparent for users, which allows browsing the Web without being tracked and without letting web companies target specialize advertisements according to browsing history.

The project gathers researchers from the software-intensive, distributed systems and the ecology areas in order to transfer ecological concepts and processes as software design principles.

Diversify will exhibit at ICT 2015 and will welcome visitors in its booth i13 in the Innovate area

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ICT 2015 - Lisbon - 20-22 October 2015