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eIDAS Toolkit for Businesses

Online resources to help your business take advantage of cross-border business opportunities, increase efficiency, security and improve user experience through electronic identification (eID) and trust services.

The full entry into force of the eIDAS Regulation in September 2018 has created one single framework for electronic Identification (eID) and trust services making it more straightforward to deliver business services across the 28 countries in the EU.

What is eIDAS and how will it benefit my business?

eIDAS stands for electronic Identification (eID), Authentication and Trust Services. The eIDAS Regulation established the framework to ensure that electronic interactions between businesses are safer, faster and more efficient, no matter the European country they take place in. 

The eIDAS Regulation will increase the level of security of transactions for businesses and offer many other benefits including:

  • less administrative burden in electronic transactions with other business, customers and public administrations.
  • more efficient business processes and, as a result,
  • a significant reduction in costs and increased profits.
  • safer electronic transactions leading to increased consumer trust and a bigger potential consumer base.

The eIDAS Toolkit

A set of online resources has been developed to help businesses in Europe understand the benefits of eID and trust services and to assist them in the implementation of these solutions into their daily operations. SME leaders, business organisations and service providers are invited to test, learn and discuss the latest developments and emerging opportunities of electronic identity (eID) and trust services. Get involved now!

  • DISCOVER how your business can implement eID and trust service solutions through sector-specific information for the transport, online retail, professional services and financial services sectors.
  • LEARN more about the different aspects of the eIDAS regulation, the different services available and how they can benefit your business through our knowledge and learning material including a webinar programme and additional course material. All webinars are recorded and are available online.
  • TEST eIDAS solutions in a simulated environment through our interactive tool using real life use cases.
  • DISCUSS eIDAS-related issues with other organisations and like-minded businesses in the eIDAS Observatory.

Register for the upcoming webinars:

  • The Benefits of eID and Trust Services in the Professional Services Sector” on the 15th of November 2018 at 13.00.Register for this webinar now