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Network and Information Security Platform (NIS-P) - Looking for New Members

The network and information security (NIS) Platform has been identifying good practices to deal with cybersecurity risks over the past year. It is now looking for new members, in the fields of energy, transport, banking/finance, health and ICT. A particular focus is to get engagement from SMEs in these sectors, since dealing with cybersecurity risks requires cooperation between big and small businesses and across sectors. SMS have a great role to play for raising the level of cybersecurity over the value chain.

The NIS Platform has existed for only one year, and already achieved some good results through the first set of guidance presented at the Plenary of 30 April 2014, available on the NIS Platform public website

New members

 An invitation letter is attached to the present document. Increased participation from economic sectors that are currently not so well represented, for instance banking, transport and health would also be needed. The participation of consumer associations is also encouraged.

How to get engaged

Interested organisations can signal their interest until 15 September 2014 to and questions of clarification to Ann-Sofie Ronnlund, tel. +32-2-2953581.


Invitation letter