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New version of the Machine 2 Machine Standard for Smart Appliances introduced by the ETSI

The new version 2.0 resulting from the combined work of the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) and OneM2M now makes the interoperability language SAREF modular and multi-domain. It also standardises the first 3 modules/extensions and proposes the creation of several more.


A new version of the global ETSI/OneM2M standard based on the EC-fostered SAREF (Smart Appliances REFerence ontology) interoperability language (which made it possible for any home appliance to talk to any energy management system thus enabling the smart home) has been released. This new version is modular and domain independent, allowing the incorporation of different modules (extensions) for the different domains.

The first 3 extensions that have been standardised are SAREF for Energy, SAREF for Environment and SAREF for Buildings and a multitude of other domains such as Smart Cities, Smart AgriFood, Smart Industry and Manufacturing, Automotive, eHealth/Ageing-well and Wearables, are on the roadmap turning SAREF into “Smart Anything REFerence ontology”, which enables better integration of semantic data from various vertical domains in the IoT.

For more information on the newly published version of the standard: