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Shaping Europe’s digital future

DigitalEU Ambassadors

The DigitalEU Ambassadors brings together journalists, editors and influencers, active in the field of digital & tech topics.

Become a DigitalEU Ambassador

The DigitalEU Ambassadors scheme of the Directorate‑General for Communications Networks, Content and Technology (DG CNECT) gives you the opportunity to join an exclusive pool of journalists, editors and influencers, active in the field of digital & tech topics. As a DigitalEU Ambassador, you will get a chance to access a direct exchange of materials, information and ideas with DG CNECT's Communication team and policy experts.

Please note that, as a DigitalEU Ambassador, you will act in your personal capacity or in your professional capacity representing your organisation, not on behalf of the European Commission. Being a DigitalEU Ambassador does not involve organisational or financial support from the Commission. The European Commission reserves the right to select the DigitalEU Ambassadors based on an overall consideration of the objectives, values and ongoing development of the initiative.

DigitalEU Ambassadors participate in the European Commission's Open Day in Brussels to mark Europe Day 2022
DigitalEU Ambassadors participate in the European Commission's Open Day in Brussels to mark Europe Day 2022   ©European Commission

Meet the DigitalEU Ambassadors

Aleksandra Przegalińska

Aleksandra Przegalińska

Artificial intelligence researcher and futurist, Aleksandra is an associate professor of management and artificial intelligence and vice-rector at Kozminski University. A highly-respected commentator and lecturer, she is a senior research associate at Harvard’s Labor & Worklife Program.
Twitter @Przegaa


Alessandra Sibiriu

Alessandra SibiriuAlessandra Sibiriu is an engineering student interested in communicating on cybersecurity and tech topics on Instagram. She recently started her own blog and remains very active on Instagram, where she has a passionate community.
Twitter @alessan6r4


Andrea Grassi

Andrea GrassiAndrea Grassi is Editor for Computerworld, a web magazine focusing on IT. With a scientific and technical training, his area of interest is digital transformation and artificial intelligence. In the past, he covered topics including Internet evolution, web and social platforms, cybercrime and IT security.
Twitter @andreagrassi


Antonio Grasso

Antonio GrassoFounder and CEO of Italian start-up Digital Business Innovation, Antonio is regarded as one of the top digital transformation influencers and researchers on artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, the Internet of Things, block chain, and sustainability. He is an enterprise and public sector consultant. He collaborates with large multinationals and public institutions as an advisor, B2B influencer, author, and software innovator.
Twitter @antgrasso


Artur Kurasiński

Artur KurasińskiTechnology and digital enthusiast, Artur has been writing on the tech-related topics for over 20 years and is a respected communicator and commentator regularly featured on major media outlets, both broadcast and printed. He is also a comic book author and education enthusiast.  
Instagram @kurasinski
Twitter @kurasinski


Caroline Ramade

Caroline is committed to supporting women entrepreneurs in the digital economy. She is founder and CEO of 50inTech, the leading gender diversity tech-recruiting platform in Europe that seeks to create the largest network of women in the digital world and to connect them to companies committed to achieving gender parity in tech. She is also board member of the French Committee of UN Women and Les Canaux. She was previously managing director of WILLA (formerly Paris Pionnières), the biggest incubator for female founders in Europe, and the deputy head of the Digital Department of the City Hall of Paris.
Twitter @carolineramade
Twitter @50inTech
Instagram @50intech


Cristiano De Nobili

Cristiano De Nobili

Lead AI Scientist at Pi School, with a Ph.D. in Theoretical Particle and Statistical Physics from SISSA, Trieste, Cristiano has a strong interest in AI research and Quantum Technologies. Machine Learning lecturer for the Master in HPC and Deep Learning lecturer at Bicocca University, he is passionate about inspiring people towards science and a positive use of technology.
Instagram @denocris
Twitter @denocris



Denise Silber

Denise SilberAn international digital health pioneer, strategist, author, and social media key opinion leader, Denise is a on a mission to improve the quality of care through a combination of digital health tools and improved relations between patients and professionals.  Denise founded Basil Strategies digital health communications agency in 2001 and launched the Doctors 2.0 & You conferences in 2011. In 2020, she co-founded VRforHealth, an information platform devoted to therapeutic uses of Virtual Reality, and published ‘Le Praticien Connecté’. In 2011, Denise was awarded the French Legion of Honour, for her contribution to eHealth and patient engagement and in 2018 was named among the #InspiringFifty women in tech in France. A Harvard MBA, she hosts podcasts for Harvard Alumni Entrepreneurs and is vice-president of the Harvard Club of France.
Twitter @health20Paris


Diletta Parlangeli

Diletta Parlangeli is a journalist. She writes for, Il Fatto Quotidiano and She is author and host for Play Digital on RaiPlay and presenter of Prendila Così on Radio2.
Twitter @dile
Instagram @diletta.parlangeli


Emanuelle Leneuf

Emmanuelle LeneufAuthor, speaker, moderator, journalist and digital entrepreneur, Emmanuelle Leneuf is the founder of FlashTweet, a daily morning tweet show about digital transformation on Twitter. FlashTweet publishes the 10 must-see news on tech, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, metaverse, cryptocurrency, social networks, block chain, marketing. Launched in 2015 to decode the impact of digital, FlashTweet has amassed a community of 80 000 followers on Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram
Twitter @EmmanuelleL9



EuradioRadio station, Euradio plays host to accents and languages from across the continent and brings its listeners a taste of European diversity in both news and music. News coverage blends the European with the local, while playlists celebrate artists from across the European independent music scene. Laurence Aubron is the founder of Euradio and Thomas Rocher is the lead journalist of the podcast "Europe seen from here".
Instagram @euradio_fr
Twitter @euradio_fr


Fabienne Billat

Fabienne Billat

Fabienne Billat is a consultant in communication and digital strategy. She works with major tech companies on their online presence, guiding their transformation and innovation. She founded the Lyon Auvergne Rhône Alpes Women's Digital Delegation, for Syntec Numérique. She is a member of the ethics committee of XXII, a French deep-technology start-up.
Twitter @fadouce




Factanza logoFactanza is a media company on a mission to make information accessible to anyone, particularly to social media users. Born as an editorial project in March 2019, Factanza Media launched as a start-up in September 2020. In April 2022, Factanza launched its first podcast 'Vitamine'.
Instagram Factanza


Franck Bazin

Journalist in the regional press for over 3 decades, Franck has keenly followed digital developments since the 1990s. He coordinates a team of columnists covering trends in computing and electronics for the audience of La Voix du Nord.


Giangiacomo Farina 

Giangiacomo FarinaGiangiacomo Farina is the Director of Siracusa News, the leading Sicilian newspaper in the western part of the island. He is also CEO and co-founder at the Appress Agency. Passionate about technology, his particular area of focus is digital communication. He founded Siracusa News in 2008 as a digital newspaper covering news, politics, sport and local cultural heritage.
Instagram @siracusanewsofficial


Giulia Iozzo

Giulia IozzoGiulia Iozzo is a young copywriter interested in the digital field working and the editor of This Marketers Life, a magazine on web-marketing. She hosts Learning and Chill, a podcast covering issues ranging from the EU, to the fashion industry to key-opinion-leader marketing.
Instagram @giuliaiozzo

Gosia Fraser

Gosia FraserA freelance journalist and blogger, Gosia specialises in cybersecurity and privacy, artificial intelligence and its impact on threat landscape, surveillance and its political connotations, big-tech business issues, digital taxation, and European tech policies.


Grzegorz Marczak

Grzegorz MarczakFounder, owner, and chief editor of AntyWeb, one of biggest Polish tech websites, Grzegorz specialises in general tech issues from programming to digitalisation to games and devices. Influential in the Polish tech world, he has a large following, both for AntyWeb and individually.
Twitter @antyweb


Guillaume Vendé

Guillaume VendéGuillaume Vendé hosts and produces his weekly podcast Tech Café, a leading French-speaking podcast on tech-related topics. Together with his guests, he covers trends in emerging technologies and subjects range from device testing to discussion of regulations and ethical issues. Guillaume's podcast is one of the most listened to in France.
Twitter @guillaumevende


Ilaria Potenza

Ilaria PotenzaIlaria Potenza is a journalist and storyteller writing on EU news for Rolling Stone, Linkiesta Europa and il Sole 24 Ore. She is also a medical student and a podcaster, author for Generazione Covid hosted by Domani Editoriale and promoted by Banca Etica.
Twitter @ilpotenza
Instagram @ilariapotenza


Ilaria Roncone

Ilaria RonconeIlaria Roncone is Editor for Giornalettismo, a web magazine covering general news. She is interested in developing the magazine with a new editorial line focused on digital and tech, so thatGiornalettismo becomes a leading voice on tech and digital topics.
Instagram @giornalettismo
Twitter @giornalettismo


Isabelle Rouhan

Isabelle Rouhanis president of Colibri Talent and host of Les Metiers du Futur, a podcast showcasing inspiring innovation in the world of work and profiling the leaders, entrepreneurs and researchers who are making it happen.
Twitter @isarouhan



Jakub Mrugalski

Jakub MrugalskiJakub Mrugalski is a cybersecurity specialist, a web security coach, and pentester and entrepreneur. A frequent commentator in the field of online safety, he is a contributor on cybersecurity with a major Polish media outlet, and hosts a YouTube channel and two podcasts.
Instagram @uwteam_org
Twitter @uwteam



Jan Zygmuntowski

Jan ZygmuntowskiAn economist and social entrepreneur interested in systems research, political economy of technology and digital economy, Jan is co-President of the Polish Network of Economics and Programme Director at CoopTech Hub, Poland’s first centre for platform co-ops. He is a PhD candidate at Kozminski University and the coordinator of the Management and AI in Digital Society programme. He is the founder and former Chairman of the Board at Instrat, a progressive policy think-tank. He is the author of “Network Capitalism” (“Kapitalizm Sieci”), and was a nominee for the “Economicus 2020” prize.


Jowita Michalska

Jowita MichalskaA digital transformation expert and educator, Jowita is an entrepreneur, and founder of a Digital University providing programmes to adult audiences. She is a social activist, an advocate of women in tech, and a technology enthusiast.
Twitter @JowaJowita
Instagram @jowita_digital



Kamil Wszołek

Kamil WszołekKamil is a radio journalist and the presenter of the programme “Web Trends” on Radio Krakow. He specialises in media education, technology and cybersecurity and is a PhD candidate at the Faculty of Management and Social Communications at the Jagiellonian University in Krakow. His thesis focuses on media influence and image in popular culture.
Twitter @Kamil_Wszolek


Krzysiek Rzyman

Krzysiek RzymanKrzysiek is a green transformation expert and activist, as well as an entrepreneur and economic journalist. He produces Zielony podcast which focuses on green transformation including digital issues. A commentator, he is also present on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook where he has a sizeable following.


Laura De Almeida

Laura De AlmeidaStudent of International and European Studies, Laura is a member of the Eurosorbonne association. She writes monthly news reviews and articles on new technologies for the Eurosorbonne online magazine, which has created a section dedicated to the DigitalEU Ambassadors programme.
Twitter @eurosorbonne
Instagram @eurosorbonne


Lukasz Olejnik

Lukasz OlejnikAn independent cybersecurity and privacy researcher and consultant, Lukasz has a PhD in Computer Science from INRIA (France). He has worked at CERN (European Organisation for Nuclear Research) and was a research associate at University College London. He has cooperated with Princeton's Center for Information Technology Policy, and Oxford's Centre for Technology and Global Affairs and became a member of World Wide Web Consortium's (W3C) Technical Architecture Group. A former cyberwarfare advisor at the International Committee of the Red Cross in Geneva, he worked on the humanitarian consequences of cyber-attacks. He advised on science and new technologies at the European Data Protection Supervisor. A media commentator (Financial Times, Washington Post, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Sueddeutsche Zeitung, El Pais, or Le Monde) he writes both scientific publications and opinion pieces.
Twitter @lukolejnik


Maciej Kawecki

A renowned commentator, Maciej is a blogger, co-host of a morning TV show segment on tech-related issues, and contributor to the tech section of Poland’s largest news portal He has fostered numerous initiatives aimed at popularising science, technology, and raising awareness of security. He is the president of future and technology think-tank, the Stanisław Lem Institute and Vice-Dean of the Warsaw School of Banking.
Twitter @kawecki_maciej
Instagram @kawecki.maciej



Mathieu Flaig

Mathieu FlaigMathieu Flaig is a French B2B Tech Expert. He created a blog about marketing and technology, which has been one of the leading blogs on marketing in France for many years. He is also an analyst about technology-related issues, a key opinion leader on Twitter and LinkedIn, a regular keynote speaker, and a digital trainer.
Instagram @mathieuflex


Nikola Bochyńska

Nikola is editor-in-chief of CyberDefence24, a major internet media outlet reporting on cybersecurity, digital threats, regulation, technology, military and political issues.  Part of Defence24, the largest defence policy and military technology portal in Poland, she is broadening the scope of CyberDefence24 to include digital transformation.

Orizzonti Politici

Orizzonti Politici logoOrizzonti Politici is an Italian think-tank focused on international politics analysis, public policies and economy. As the “The Generation Z think tank”, it involves university students and young professionals tackling and explaining complex issues by innovative instruments and formats and adopting a simple and inclusive language. 
Instagram @orizzontipolitici
Twitter @OrizzontiPo


Otto Lanzavecchia

Otto LanzavecchiaOriginally from Milan, Italy, Otto studied literature and journalism in London, where he started writing about international politics, the intersection of technology and society, and the ecological transition. He currently reports for Formiche and Decode39.
Twitter @otto_lanza
Twitter @formichenews


Piotr Konieczny

Piotr KoniecznyA renowned cybersecurity specialist, Piotr has been helping the biggest Polish and foreign companies to secure networks and web services for 16 years. He is founder and CEO of Niebezpiecznik, a highly popular internet service focusing on security that also provides practical and effective personalized IT security training and a wide range of penetration testing and red teaming services.
Twitter @konieczny
Instagram @niebezpiecznik


Rayna Stamboliyska

Rayna StamboliyskaCreative and analytical strategist, Rayna focuses on security governance, digital diplomacy and data protection. She is an Associate Lecturer at Sciences Po Paris and a Board Member of the European Women4Cyber Foundation.  She is an independent expert and rapporteur to European Network and Information Security Agency’s ad hoc working group on Emerging and Future Threats. Author of 'The Dark Side of the Internet', she has extensively explored the impact of data and technology in conflict and post-conflict zones in the MENA region, Eastern Europe and Central Asia. Rayna is a renowned expert on information security who is committed to educating those outside of the industry on security threats and best practices.
Twitter @MaliciaRogue

Salvatore Borzacchiello

Salvatore Borzacchiello coordinates Igers Italia, which promotes Italian culture heritage on Instagram. Igers Italia also works with Italian institutions to involve the Igers community and the wider public on the subject of culture, museums and heritage.
Twitter @igersitalia
Twitter @Borzac
Instagram @borzac

Souad Boutegrabet

Souad BoutegrabetIn 2018 Souad created the social-enterprise start-up Les Descodeuses, in order to reduce gender and class inequalities by responding to the digital inclusion needs of women in underprivileged neighbourhoods and by raising awareness, and providing training and coaching to women to support their access to digital professions.
Twitter @DesCodeuses


Sylwia Błach

Sylwia BłachBlogger, programmer, tech enthusiast, model, author of horror books, Sylwia is passionate about breaking barriers for people with disabilities. She is an activist and a leading advocate defending the interests of people with disabilities. Named one of '22 Women to Watch in 2022' by Forbes Magazine, she is active on Instagram and Facebook.


Sylwia Czubkowska

Sylwia CzubkowskaSylwia is editor-in-chief of Spider's Web+, a major tech, science and digital policy online magazine. She specialises in tech, artificial intelligence and digital policy issues and has featured in major media outlets, including leading Polish newspapers, Gazeta Wyborcza, Dziennik Gazeta Prawna, and Przekroj.


Tomasz Rożek

Tomasz RożekA physicist and the presenter of Like Science, a popular science and technology channel Tomasz is a respected commentator and expert, involved in numerous initiatives and activities aimed at popularising science and scientific achievements, including the Academy of Superheroes.
Twitter @RozekTom
Instagram @tomasz.rozek



Vincenzo Tiani

Vincenzo TianiData protection consultant, digital policy advisor, journalist and adjunct professor. Vincenzo specialises in privacy and IT law. Host of the #PanettaTechNews podcast, he writes about European digital policies on Wired, Sole 24 Ore, StartupItalia! and VICE. Professor of Law at IULM University, he lectures on topics related to internet and communication.
Twitter @VincenzoTiani
Instagram @VincenzoTiani


Wojtek Kardyś

Wojtek KardyśWojtek is a blogger, commentator, educator specialising in content, internet communication and digital marketing. He teaches courses, consults for business, and speaks at numerous events.
Twitter @WojtekKardys
Instagram @wojtekkardys


Women on Web

Women on web (WOW)Federica Meta and Francesca Pucci co-host the Women on web (WOW) podcast showcasing the skills, talent and commitment of women in in the field of digital transformation.​
Twitter @Wow_WomenOnWeb


Latest News

4th European 5G Observatory Stakeholder Workshop – 5G in the Digital Decade

This very timely workshop provided for a great opportunity to review the main findings four years into the existence of the 5G Observatory. It allowed for an exchange views on the current state of play of 5G deployment, it highlighted the latest market trends and global developments, and took stock of where we are in Europe in reaching the targets of the 5G Action Plan and the Digital Decade Strategy.

Digital rights and principles: a digital transformation for EU citizens

The Commission welcomes the agreement reached with the Parliament and the Council on the European declaration on digital rights and principles. The declaration, proposed in January, establishes a clear reference point about the kind of human-centred digital transformation that the EU promotes and defends, at home and abroad.

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