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Event report | Foilseachán

Meeting the Digital Transformation Accelerator (DTA) - introducing the EDIH Network website

This webinar, on February 9th, aimed at introducing the DTA and presenting the functionalities of the new European Digital Innovation Hubs (EDIH) Network Website and other services available from the DTA to the EDIH Coordinators.

The Webinar announced the official launch of the network of European Digital Innovation Hubs website.

The portal is managed by the Digital Transformation Accelerator. The webinar’s focus was to make everybody aware of the functionalities of the portal and of the other services available from the DTA. It included a demo of the functionalities, including the new catalogue and “My EDIH” space, a brief introduction to the Digital Maturity Assessment tool, and a question & answer session.


  • Introduction and DTA Presentation         Sandro D’Elia – DG CNET. A4
  • DTA Available Services Overview          David Vidal (DTA Project Manager)
  • Brief Online Platform tutorial                   Notis Pikros (DTA Technical Manager)
  • Other DTA Services                                 David Vidal (DTA Project Manager)
  • Schedule for upcoming activities             David Vidal (DTA Project Manager)
  • Q&A Session                                            All Speakers
  • Conclusion                                                David Vidal (DTA Project Manager)
  • Proposed follow-up actions

If you are an EDIH please log in to the ‘my EDIH’ section of the website and ensure that all your data is up to date.

The social media accounts are up and running: LinkedIn  - Twitter