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19 proposals selected to develop a world-class supercomputing ecosystem in Europe

The European High Performance Computing Joint Undertaking (EuroHPC JU) selected 19 projects during the evaluation of its first research and innovation call. These projects will help the EuroHPC JU to draw on the skills and knowledge of European SMEs and industry to put its ambitious work plan into action and develop HPC applications and services.

A Conceptual vision of a Datacenter/supercomputer on the cloud

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Among the 38 received proposals in response to the call H2020-JTI-EuroHPC-2019-1, launched in July 2019,19 proposals have been selected. With a total budget of EUR 55 million, provided by the EU and complemented with additional funds by the EuroHPC Participating States, the proposals will support research and innovation activities that will help Europe to become globally competitive in the field of supercomputing.

The 9 selected projects addressing the topic 1, Extreme scale computing and data driven technologies, are expected to address performance and efficiency of future exascale systems, supercomputers able to perform at least one trillion (1018) operations per second. The projects should leverage ongoing efforts to develop energy efficient hardware in European low-power processing technologies and other European initiatives.

The 5 selected proposals addressing the call topic 2, HPC and data centric environments and application platforms will focus on the development of energy-efficient HPC software. The projects are expected to demonstrate significant use cases and pilot systems.

The 5 selected proposals addressing the call topic 3, Industrial software codes for extreme scale computing environments and applications are expected to further develop, adapt and optimize HPC software for applications in the European industry, while exploiting synergies with existing solutions and open-source projects where appropriate. Significant market impact should be achieved by the projects, creating substantial value in Europe.

The grant agreements are under preparation to be signed by the selected consortia and the EuroHPC Joint Undertaking. Pending a successful signature of the grant agreements, the proposals are expected to start at the latest on 1st January 2021.


The EuroHPC JU was established by Council Regulation (EU) 2018/1488  in 2018. 32 European countries are currently taking part in the initiative and pooling their resources with the EU and private partners to enable the EU to become a world leader in supercomputing.

The mission of the EuroHPC JU is to develop, deploy, extend and maintain an integrated world-class supercomputing and data infrastructure in the European Union (EU) and to develop and support a highly competitive and innovative HPC ecosystem.

The EuroHPC JU aims at equipping the EU by early 2021 with an infrastructure of petascale (capable of at least 1015 calculations per second) and precursor to exascale supercomputers (capable of at least 1017calculations per second), and developing the necessary technologies and applications for reaching full exascale capabilities around 2022 / 2023.