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Green paper on Citizen Science for Europe: Towards a society of empowered citizens and enhanced research

The Green Paper aims to foster the interaction between the Citizen Science stakeholders and the EU policy officers, reinforcing the culture of consultation and dialogue in the EU. Interaction between the European Institutions and society takes various forms, primarily via the European Parliament, via institutionalised advisory bodies of the EU and via less formalised direct contacts with interested parties. In this later approach, this document is delivered by the SOCIENTIZE Project to the European Commission’s Digital Science Unit.</p>

Citizen Science refers to the general public engagement in scientific research activities when citizens actively contribute to science either with their intellectual effort or surrounding knowledge or with their tools and resources. Participants provide experimental data and facilities for researchers, raise new questions and co-create a new scientific culture. While adding value, volunteers acquire new learning and skills, and deeper understanding of the scientific work in an appealing way. As a result of this open, networked and trans-disciplinary scenario, science-society-policy interactions are improved leading to a more democratic research based on evidence-informed decision making.


Green paper on Citizen Science