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Internet of Things Large Scale Pilots – Towards an Interconnected Society

Meet the projects forming the Internet of Things (IoT) Large Scale Pilots booth at the ICT 2018 exhibition. IoF2020, Synchronicity, ACTIVAGE and U4IoT use cutting-edge technology to address real-life challenges.

Logos of  the projects involved in the IoT Large Scale Pilots booth at ICT 2018

IoF2020, Synchronicity, ACTIVAGE and U4IoT

Logos of the projects involved in the IoT Large Scale Pilots booth at ICT 2018

What do you expect to achieve in this project?

 IoF2020 uses data-driven farming for higher production yields in a more sustainable and environmentally conscious fashion, increasing the competitiveness of European farming. SynchroniCity opens up a global IoT (internet of things) market where cities and businesses develop shared digital services to improve the lives of citizens and develop local economies. ACTIVAGE builds the first European open IoT ecosystem enabling the deployment of active & healthy ageing solutions and services. U4IoT provides user support to large-scale pilots with end-user engagement methodologies, co-creative workshops, privacy-compliant crowdsourcing tools, expert pools, personal data protection measures and online training modules.

How will European citizens benefit from these projects, both from the technology developments they accomplish and the scientific breakthroughs they may achieve?

IoF2020 will increase productivity and sustainability to feed the growing world population, guarantee food safety, and stimulate resource efficiency. The project paves the way towards data-driven farming that is capable of providing higher production yields in a more sustainable way, while also making the European farming sector more competitive in an increasingly globalized world. SynchroniCity will pilot novel applications and services addressing citizen needs directly. This includes context-adaptive traffic management, multi-modal transport and community policy suite, with further applications and services becoming available through the project co-creation and cascading call mechanisms. ACTIVAGE will use the positive impact of technologies and solutions based on IoT to improve the quality of life, health and autonomy of older adults in Europe. U4IoT will raise awareness of citizens about cybersecurity and privacy related issues when deploying IoT, and how to mitigate these risks. It will also increase transparency and trust in IoT technologies and promote end-user adoption of several H2020 tools on data protection.

Is EU funding important for European research? How has it contributed to your projects/careers/success?

EU funding is important for European research, not only because it finances research activity on several levels (from TRL 1 to market readiness). It also offers projects with a high level of visibility and encourages stakeholders to take up new challenges. For IoF2020, EU funding helped establishing concrete “use cases”, where IoT solutions are tested over a network of European test farms in key sectors. EU funding helps to fit IoT technologies to end-users’ needs all over the value chain. IoF2020 increased its impact in organising an open call for more use cases to join. The EU funding SynchroniCity received allows them to bring together the necessary expertise and partners from all around Europe and beyond to develop the marketplace.

What are you going to exhibit at ICT2018? What should visitors expect to see/experience upon visiting your booth?

With IoF2020, visitors will have the chance to try, among others, an interactive table allowing real-time field management zoning, and with virtual reality goggles visitors will immerse themselves into the harvesting operation.

ACTIVAGE will bring demos and devices already implemented in real-life environments to show the active & healthy ageing services deployed by the project. Visitors will be able to try different solutions such as presence, motion, equilibrium and fall prevention sensors. These sensors are capable of monitoring the user’s activity along the day in order to provide safety and comfort for both seniors and informal/formal caregivers thanks to the interoperable ecosystem involved in them.

SynchroniCity will present the first results of internal use cases trough a demo and the projects funded by the open call to create a global market for human-centered IoT-enabled urban services. Visitors will be able to see how citizens can be actively involved in this process through the projects developed by SynchroniCity.

The U4IoT exhibition booth will be dedicated to the presentation of the project and its supporting role for the LSPs (large-scale pilots), with a special focus on IoT security and data protection. Visitors will have the possibility to discover the various tools developed in the context of U4IoT such as the Guidelines for Personal Data Protection in LSPs and the Privacy Game. Furthermore, the booth will demonstrate the solutions developed and adopted by LSPs in the field of IoT security and data protection.


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