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CEOs of tech companies sign declaration committing to gender balanced work culture

On the occasion of the Digital4Her event in Brussels, representatives from European tech firms signed a Declaration expressing the intent to achieve gender balance and providing equal opportunities in their companies.

Photo of a CEO of a tech companie sign declaration committing to gender balanced work culture

European Commission

Declaration committing to gender balanced work culture

The declaration represents a concrete step toward the shaping of an inclusive business eco-system open to all and assuming a gender equality going beyond any stereotype. It acknowledges the gender gap present in the digital sector - like in many others - and the evident limits this produces in terms of creativity and innovation, which are normally related to a diverse and inclusive work environment and boost business performances and productivity.

In order to provide women with the same access and career opportunities in the tech sector as men, the Declaration signatories committed to:

  • promote an open and female-friendly company culture;
  • implement recruitment and human resources business policies fully aware of the importance to invest in women;
  • make senior management and top positions (for the most part occupied by men) concretely accessible to women;
  • identify potential female leaders and train them  to develop their strengths and play high-level roles in the company

We welcome the commitment of the signatories today at the Digital4Her Conference:

  • Isabella Lenarduzzi for JUMP

  • Thaima Samman for for SAMMAN and the European Network for Women in Leadership

  • Dominique Leroy for Proximus           

  • Lie Junius for Google

  • Pascale Van Damme for Dell

  • Veerle Dero for Accenture

  • Pastora Valero for Cisco

  • Fernando de Yarza Lopez-Madrazo For Henneo

  • Antonella di Lazzaro for RAI

  • Eileen O'Mara for Salesforce   

  • Beatrice Flammini for Liberty Global 

  • Lise Fuhr for ETNO

  • Filippa Wallestam for NENT Sweden 

  • Candace Johnson for EBAN  

  • Yvonne Agyei for   

  • Noel Curran  for EBU 

  • Wim Mijs for EBF

  • Ada Solomon for EWA

  • Laura Houlgatte Abbott for UNIC

  • Cecilia Bonefeld-Dahl  for Digital Europe

Sign the Declaration

Companies can use this occasion to add value to their own businesses and, at the same time, to society, encouraging a constructive and fruitful approach based on inclusiveness and diversity and offering - in internal meetings, external events and keynote addresses - a good example of a digital sector able to overcome stereotypes.

Sign the declaration

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Declaration (.pdf)