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Shaping Europe’s digital future
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Digital European Film Forum at the 2020 online edition of the Marché du Film

Under the title ‘Shaping the future of the European audiovisual ecosystem: what is the role of the European Union?’, MEDIA organises a digital public conference to discuss the current situation of the audiovisual industry and how to face the challenges post COVID-19.

Visual with title and dates of the conference

European Commission

Visual with title and dates of the conference

The COVID-19 outbreak and the containment measures have led to closure of cinema theaters, standstill of productions and cancellation of festivals and markets. The impact on the economy and employment has been very severe and has affected the entire value chain of the audiovisual industry, from the creation of films and audiovisual works to their distribution. Even TV broadcasters, despite beating viewing records, have seen their advertising revenues decreasing due to the disruption of economic activities.

While global subscription VOD services have increased their revenues and improved their market position during this period, cinemas, festivals, producers, distributors, creators, are struggling to survive, risking bankruptcies and layoffs, especially for the many self-employed and freelancers of the sector. The whole industry of these small businesses that sustain our cultural diversity is at stake.

Given these unprecedented challenges, Member States have taken initiatives to support the sector including dedicated State aid or deferral of social security contributions. Through the Next Generation EU instrument, the European Commission has also taken important measures by including the cultural and creative industries as one of target areas in a number of new initiatives designed to facilitate the European economic and social recovery. 

In this complex and challenging context, MEDIA organises a digital conference entitled 'Shaping the future of the European audiovisual ecosystem: what is the role of the European Union?' on 22 June at 4 pm to discuss with stakeholders and key players the following: 

  • analysis of the current situation,
  • development of a common vision of the audiovisual ecosystem,
  • ways to strengthen the audiovisual ecosystem, and
  • the role of the European Union.

Key speakers: 

  • Opening by Pierre Lescure, President of the Cannes Film Festival 
  • Keynote speech by Thierry Breton, European Commissioner for Internal market
  • Closing remarks by MEP Sabine Verheyen

Panel discussion moderated by Marjorie Paillon.

Watch it live here!