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Shaping Europe’s digital future
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Info day on the Smart and Sustainable Cities and Communities topics in the Digital Europe Programme (DIGITAL)

Video and Presentations now available. During this info day, the next funding opportunities for Smart and Sustainable Cities and Communities were presented. The focus was on areas such as Data Spaces for Smart Communities, Digital Solutions for the New European Bauhaus, and governance, with participants networking and and presenting ideas for proposals.

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Indicative Agenda:

9:30 -   Introduction (purpose, topics, deadlines, where to find the info, and agenda for the day)

9:45 -   CSA1 Presentation - Preparatory actions for Data Space for Smart Communities

10:00 - CSA2 Presentation - Governance of community

10:15 - CSA3 Presentation - Digital Solutions in support of the New European Bauhaus

10:30 - Questions from the audience and answers

11:00 - Online networking for CSA1

11:30 - Online networking for CSA2

12:00 - Online networking for CSA3

12:30 - Final messages


Please register if you want to attend this event.

In the process of registration we will ask you to if you would like to present your idea for one (or more) of the three CSAs in each of the networking sessions. In case you do, please prepare one slide with the CSA you are proposing, title of your proposal and main objectives, partners and which expertise and needs you have. We will try to accommodate everyone of you and still give you time for networking.

The Commission may select speakers according to the timing we have.

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Please find below the links to the relevant call texts:


Digital Solutions in support of the New European Bauhaus Initiative


Funding & tenders (


Governance of the community


Funding & tenders (


Preparatory actions for the data space for smart communities


Funding & tenders (



Info Day Presentations