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Next-Generation IoT and Edge Computing Strategy Forum

Join the strategic webinar hosted by the European Commission and share your view on a strategic European vision for (Far) Edge Computing in the Next-Generation Internet of Things.

About the event

The next-generation IoT and edge computing are of great strategic importance for European industry in the data economy. They will enable breakthrough results by connecting the physical to the digital world in innovative ways, thereby creating new business value. Edge and far edge computing at device level are the logical evolution of the cloud-computing model, processing data where it is generated and avoiding its transfer to the cloud, supporting resilience, real-time operations, security, privacy protection, and reducing energy consumption and the carbon footprint. For Europe to play a leading role this paradigm shift, it is imperative that digital and industrial actors within and across several market sectors build on their strengths, jointly define priorities, and elaborate on a common innovation agenda.

The virtual Next-Generation IoT and Edge Computing Strategy Forum aims at gathering top technology experts from across several digital and vertical domains, as well as corporate-strategy level representatives to exchange views on priorities, challenges and opportunities, and establish a commonly shared strategic European vision for the next-generation IoT and (far) edge computing. With its medium-term time perspective, this initiative is part of the implementation of the European data and cloud strategy, and will be supported by a research and innovation theme on Cloud-to-Edge-to-IoT under the first Work Programme of Horizon Europe.

Questions addressed during the meeting amongst others will be:

  • How can Europe exploit its strengths in important industrial sectors in order to position itself well on the next generation of the IoT and edge computing?
  • What are the most important trends and emerging concepts to drive the developments of open platforms for the IoT and edge computing?
  • How can European actors compete with global players in the emerging Cloud-to-Edge-to-IoT ecosystem? How can collaboration between European digital and industrial actors be strengthened?

Why participate?

The Next-Generation IoT and Edge Computing Strategy Forum will be an opportunity to:

  • Contribute to the shaping of Europe’s strategy for the Next-Generation IoT and Edge Computing.
  • Meet and exchange views with an exclusive group of high-level actors in the fields of data, cloud, electronic components and systems, mobile communications as well as stakeholders from relevant verticals and associations.

The event is organised by the European Commission in collaboration with the Horizon 2020 EU-IoT project.